Two assignments | Psychology homework help

I entertain two assignments this week. Each are due July 28, 2017. Let me comprehend what you deficiency from me


This is one: Resource: Chapter 4 of the race textbook and Section 1 of TAP 21.

One hundred and twenty-three unfair competencies of an addiction counselor are listed in TAP 21. These competencies understand manifold roles an addiction counselor may assume on such as tutor, consultant, promoter, means and referral direct, cluster facilitator, and so on.

Therefore, opportunity all 123 competencies of TAP 21 are beneficial to tidings on, this assignment should centre on the roles or competencies highlighted in Section I of TAP 21 or on those highlighted in Chapter 4 of the textbook.

Write a 600-750-word essay, describing some of the nucleus roles and competencies of an addiction counselor. The essay should understand at lowest 10 roles and competencies from Section I of TAP 21 or Chapter 4 of the textbook as they tell to addiction counselors.

Be firm to understand the aftercited in your essay:

  1. A argument of 10 nucleus roles and competencies deficiencyed to be an addiction counselor.
  2. A argument environing how comprehendledge, skills and attitudes of the administrative tell to these competencies.
  3. A poverty of two literary meanss to buttress your essay.