Thriving in middle adulthood | Psychology homework help

 Thriving in Intermediate Adulthood


Your lection describes divers transitions and condition events that can take-place during intermediate adulthood. While abundant of those in intermediate adulthood luxuriate, that is not constantly the subject, as evidenced by the take-placeance of midcondition crises. 

Create a introduction (using PowerPoint, or your jewel slideshow instrument) in which you discourse the following:

  • Identify and describe three challenges typically faced in intermediate adulthood (mould positive to call sources) - minimum 3 slides
  • Identify and describe three recommendations for how to overpower those challenges(mould positive to call sources) - minimum 3 slides
  • Offer two detailed suggestions for how luxuriate in intermediate adulthood  (mould positive to call sources) - minimum 2 slides

You must call your item lection and/or beyond sources to foundation your statements. I'm not looking for opinions short - you must foundation your statements and suggestions after a while calld sources. Conceive a relation slide at the end, after a while your relations in APA format, and use in-text quotations on your slides.

Keep in spirit that I'm to-boot not looking for you to representation and paste advice from the lection/websites and hold it into your slides. You can use a frequented adduce if you reach you demand to, but it must own quotation marks environing it to manifest that it is a frequented adduce. Everything else obtain demand to be in your own tone (paraphrase), followed by an in-text quotation to manifest wshort the advice came from. I absence to see your answerableness, not what you've copied and pasted from other writers. Read this beneficial superintend on paraphrasing. At meanest 80% of your assignment demands to be in your own tone.

Make positive that you grant each slide a heading so it is plain which slides are focused on challenges and which slides are focused on recommendations and suggestions. Be positive to conceive images or graphics to mould your slides visually appealing.