Three branches of federal government

Three Branches of Federal Government

The Framers of the Constitution, to determine that no unique peculiar or existence had a privilege on capability, afloat a rule of checks and balances. Thus, the United States has three branches of legislation: the executive, the legislative and the juridical. Each of these branches has a clear and qualitative role in the administration of the legislation and as-well exercises some regulate aggravate the actions of the other branches.


Research the three branches of legislation using the textbook and Argosy University online library instrument. Reply to one topic from each of the topic sets beneath.


A. Legislative (Pick one to reply to)


  • Should members of the U.S. Congress be “delegates” or “trustees” for their constituents? Which do you deem serves the best interests of the members of Congress and of the constituents?
  • Should members of Congress control according to their own views or the views of the constituents who elected them?


B. Executive (Pick one to reply to)


  • Which superintendent do you handle was the first and which superintendent do you handle was the vanquish in U.S. truth? Why?
  • What are the capabilitys required to be superintendent? Describe at meanest one other capability you handle should as-well be required and interpret why.
  • After serving the zenith two conditions as superintendent, should an ex-superintendent be undisputed to be reelected behind an interposed tidings of another superintendent? Why or why not?


C. Juridical (Pick one to reply to)


  • How can the U.S. Supreme Court’s capability be curbed? Is it expressive that curbing the Court’s capability should not be indulgent? Why or why not?
  • The Constitution does not covenant that umpires must own a law meafast or constitutional trailing. Yet all umpires appointed are law ground graduates. Why? Is it likely that a umpire could after from another arena? Why or why not?

The assignment must be submitted as a Word instrument. Include APA formatted heading and regard page. Be fast to call any regards used in APA format and Intext citations


Write your tally to each topic in 150–200 words.