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t Tests

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You obtain adequate this assignment using the DAA Template.

Read the SPSS Basis Decomposition Report Guidelines for a past adequate intellect of the DAA Template and how to format and adjust your assignment.

Refer to the IBM SPSS Step-By-Step Guide: t Tests for appended instruction on using SPSS for this assignment.

If certain, retrospect the Copy/Export Output Instructions to restore your recollection on how to achieve these tasks. As after a while your earlier assignments, your meekness should be in fact format after a while supported statistical output (consideration and graphs) integrated into the fact in the expend places (not all at the end of the muniment).

You obtain stir the aftercited variables in the grades.sav basis set:



Step 1: Write Section 1 of the DAA.

Provide the treatment of the grades.sav basis set.

Include a determination of the positive variables (predictor, issue) and similar scales of mass.

Specify the exemplification magnitude of the basis set.

Step 2: Write Section 2 of the DAA.

Analyze the assumptions of the t experience.

Paste the SPSS histogram output for gpa and argue your visual expoundations.

Paste SPSS descriptives output showing skewness and kurtosis esteems for gpa and expound them.

Paste SPSS output for the Shapiro-Wilk experience of gpa and expound it.

Report the results of the Levene experience and expound it.

Summarize whether or not the assumptions of the t experience are met.

Step 3: Write Section 3 of the DAA.

Specify a scrutiny doubt akin to gender and gpa.

Articulate the ineffectual supposition and opinion supposition.

Specify the alpha equalize.

Step 4: Write Section 4 of the DAA.

Paste the SPSS output of the t experience.

Report the results of the SPSS output using equitable APA guidelines (associate to the Unit 8 Introduction and the "Results" copy from the Warner passage in Chapter 5). Include the aftercited:


Degrees of immunity.

p esteem.

Effect magnitude.

Interpretation of result magnitude.

Means and exemplar deviations for each clump.

Mean dissonance.

95% belief season of the dissonance of exemplification instrument.

Interpret the results abutting the ineffectual supposition.

Step 5: Write Section 5 of the DAA.

Discuss the implications of this t experience as it relates to the scrutiny doubt.

Conclude after a while an decomposition of the strengths and limitations of the t experience.

Submit your DAA Template as an robust Word muniment in the assignment area.


t Tests Scoring Guide.

DAA Template.

SPSS Basis Decomposition Report Guidelines.

IBM SPSS Step-by-Step Guide: t Tests.

Copy/Export Output Instructions.

APA Style and Format.