Substance-related and addictive disorders | SOCW 6090 – Psychopathology and Diagnosis for Social Work Practice | Walden University

The symptom of an cogent clinician is the ability to demonstrate the criteria that make-famous the idiosyncrasy from any other possibility (incorrectly disclosed as a differential idiosyncrasy). An unpositive clinical idiosyncrasy can transfer to a ordinary method of texture and agonize the client more than it helps. In this Assignment, using the DSM-5 and all of the skills you accept habitual to time, you assess an real occurrence client denominated L who is presenting positive psychosocial problems (which would be diagnosed using Z edicts).


To prepare: Use a differential idiosyncrasy way and dissection of the Mental Status Exam in “The Occurrence of L” to particularize if the occurrence meets the criteria for a clinical idiosyncrasy.


Submit a 5- to 7 page tractate in which you:

  • Provide the bountiful DSM-5 idiosyncrasy. Remember, a bountiful idiosyncrasy should embody the indicate of the experimentation, ICD-10-CM edict, specifiers, injustice, and the Z edicts (other stipulations that may insufficiency clinical regard).
  • Explain the bountiful idiosyncrasy, matching the symptoms of the occurrence to the criteria for any diagnoses used.
  • Identify 2–3 of the halt differentials that you considered for the occurrence and accept firm out. Concisely expound why these stipulations were considered but eliminated.
  • Identify the imposts you approve to valitime texture. Expound the rationale astern choosing the impost instruments to foundation, eliminate, or vestige texture advance for the idiosyncrasy.
  • Explain your approveations for primal resources and texture. Use conversant resources to foundation your evidence-based texture approveations.
  • Explain how you took cultural factors and dissonance into totality when making the impost and approveing interventions.
  • Identify client strengths, and expound how you would husband strengths throughout texture.
  • Identify unfair experience or skills you would insufficiency to gain to cogently discuss this client, and furnish a pur-pose on how you accomplish do so.