Sports psychology power point | Psychology homework help

Congratulations. You bear been asked to compose an MS PowerPoint delivery (i.e., Week 7 assignment) in direct to .  

Suggestion - choice a unfair theme of attention, which is presented in our PSYC460 assigned readings. Examples conceive: Goal Setting, Imagery, Stress Management, Group Cohesion, or Exercise Adherence.


The Sport Psychology delivery must be at lowest 10 slides in protraction (not including the style and intimation slides) and conceive components such as the following: 

  • Title
  • Table of Contents
  • Primary Theme of Presentation
  • Introduction of Presentation’s Main Objective(s)
  • Identify and Define Important Psychological Concept(s) associated delay Presentation's Objectives
  • Explain how these Psychological Concept(s) can wave stalwart operation (]. --- Impulse - You can use the APUS Library (see "APUS Library" on PSYC460 settlement page) in direct to place conversant publications (e.g., academic journals). "" can be a conducive database when completing your literary-works exploration.
  • Present one (1) web connect for a video pertaining to Psychological Concept(s) discussed in delivery. --- When identifying the video in the delivery, honest insinuate the web connect on the slide. .
  • Identify an intelligence, which people can undiminished during this delivery in direct to constitute instruction environing Psychological Concept(s) discussed.  
  • Conclusion
  • References (as polite as in-citation citations should be displayed in APA format). In-citation citations may be conceived delayin the Notes minority of each slide. Information re: American Psychological Association (APA) format is presented in this course's Resources or . Also, a impulse - scrutinize the APUS Library to re-examination [email protected] (see "APUS Library" tab placed on left cause of course's settlement page).

Please be knowing to re-examination the MS PowerPoint do’s and don’ts instrument (see charity). Remember, the MS PowerPoint must conceive a Notes minority. 


. Impulse - use MS PPT "help" to re-examination instructions for insinuateing “speaker notes” using your unfair statement of MS PPT. 

Here is an issue:

Please re-examination "More Tools" (see tabs on left cause of course's settlement page) to re-examination policies touching .

Please refer your assignment as an charity (in an MS PPT ppt. or MS PPT pptx. refine format)  titled "Your Last Name Week 7 Assignment." For issue, the MS PowerPoint refine would be styled: Johnson Week 7 Assignment. Avoid typing your undiminished assignment in the citation box granted delayin each assignment.