Solution: assignment 2: naturalistic observations and evaluation

Conducting an ethnographic con-over is a fun way of gathering inquiry encircling your political environment. You may feel manufactured an ethnography anteriorly extraneously unquestionably substance cognizant of it. In a mean way, this assignment recreates what ethnographers do when they scrutinize a new unity to induce inquiry.

Complete the forthcoming:


  • Choose a restaurant, library, mall, dining moiety, coffee stock, or harmonious common precipitation. Plan to expend a partiality of two hours at the precipitation. You obtain scrutinize this precipitation twice, for a partiality of impure hours entirety. Keep in remembrance that if you should perceive one of your peers in the community at the aenjoy date when you are there, do not hinder him/her and do not do the assignment at the aenjoy date.
  • Document what occurs at this clarified precipitation:
    • Describe the community.
    • Analyze the interactions inchoate crowd.

Next, transcribe a brochure documenting and analyzing your studys of the precipitation.

Observation Notes

Your study notes should specifically grasp the forthcoming:

  • Name and precipitation of the community
  • Dates and dates you were there
  • Place where you stood/sat and when you did your inquiry
  • Description of the material characteristics of the within and beyond of the community (e.g. brick or compact constitution, induce pretense, seating arrangements)
  • Number and patterns of crowd scrutinizeing the community while you were there (age, sex, pattern of investment, enjoyly occupations, ethnicity, etc.)
  • Document interactions such as:
    • specific truth of the interactions that engage attribute in the community inchoate customers, inchoate customers and staff, and inchoate staff
    • types of languages used in the community and by whom
    • any foreign or uncommon demeanor

Analysis Summary

Include the forthcoming in your decomposition:

  • Comparison of harmoniousities and differences of this community and other harmonious communitys you distinguish encircling
  • Nature of the tenor of customers in the community
  • Relationships inchoate customers and workers
  • Any demeanor that surprised you or was opposed to your expectations
  • How it felt to do the inquiry
  • Most unmanageable aspects of the inquiry
  • What you institute most animated encircling the inquiry

In your decomposition, be unmistakable to induce upon your studys to food your conclusions.


In the sequel of your brochure, grasp the forthcoming:

  • A induce of the layout of the community (You can induce in a computer program, enjoy Induce that comes preloaded on most PCs and suggest it into your Word rasp.)
  • Transcription of your notes

Write a 4–6-page brochure in Word format. Apply APA standards to quotation of sources. Use the forthcoming rasp naming convention: LastnameFirstInitial_M3_A2.doc.

By Wednesday, August 28, 2013, save your assignment to the M3: Assignment 2 Dropbox.

Grading Rubric

Assignment 2 Grading Criteria

Maximum Points

Documented studys for a entirety of two hours, at two irrelative dates in a common community on all required details such as dates, dates, interactions.


Drew conclusions installed on studys.


Wrote an decomposition resume on all required details such as relationships observed, your reactions, similarity to other communitys.


Created a induce of the layout of the community as an sequel.


Writing Criteria

Organization (12)

Usage and Mechanics (12)

APA Elements (16)

Style (4)