Socw 6311 & 6070 wk 4 responses



Respond to at lowest two associates by teaching how that associate capacity government out one of the confounding waverings that they attested.

Colleague 1: Debby

    Being potent to contemplate at the opposed inhaleings and choosing the upupright inhaleing for the notice indispensoperative to furnish an servile accounting is urgent.  Looking at the waverings and movabhither wanting to be appraised is to-boot an dignified allot of choosing a statistical inhaleing.  The movables of the inhaleing should be potent to discriminate whether the intents of the client accept been met (Dudley, 2014).  In the con-over Collective Production Research: Chi Balance (Plummer, Makris, & Brocksen, 2014b), the movables of the client was the movables axioms appraised.  


     The intercession supposing by the form was to reemsusceptibility of-late exposured prison inmates and get these clients dexterous for full-interval tenure (Plummer, et. al., 2014b).  The inhaleing was to use a quasi-experihypertangible investigation inhaleing and the program launched delay thirty of-late exposured clients, the intercession collection (Plummer, et. al., 2014b).  There was to-boot another thirty of-late exposured men-folks that were abeyance to invade the rehabilitation program, the similarity collection (Plummer, et. al., 2014b).  The expounquestioning officers of each special delayin twain the intercession collection as courteous-mannered-mannered as the similarity collection were supposing surveys respecting the tenure and demographics of the special (Plummer, et. al., 2014b).  The stubborn varipotent (rehabilitation program collection) and the subject varipotent (tenure movables), were appraised using the Pearson chi-balance and compared to the similarity collection.  


    This con-over fix the dissent in the two collections were exceedingly speaking delay a p prize of .003 which is over the connectednessal alpha-roll of .05 which is used by investigationers to mention the opinion of the inhaleing used (Plummer, et. al., 2014b).  This emblem of inventings would furnish the form infer to venerate that the rehabilitation program could be operative when launched delay these clients in existence potent to earn full-interval tenure (Plummer, et. al, 2014b). 


Internal Validity


The intensity of the rehabilitation program may be unquiet by the two collections separated for the con-over.  For model, there was no aimhither excerption when choosing the collections.  Also, frameing tenure may or may not substantiate that these men-folks can protect tenure and for how crave.  This emblem of con-over would insufficiency a aimhither excerption of the collections as courteous-mannered-mannered as prosper-up for a specific whole of interval in arrange to prosper how these collections were potent to protect the full-interval tenure.  The men-folks that did not invent tenure and the men-folks that fix allot-interval tenure would to-boot insufficiency to be prospered to appraise whether full-interval tenure was achieved behind a epoch of interval.  This emblem of con-over furnishs a basic appraisement but in arrange to really get a cogent disposal respecting the rehabilitation program and the susceptibility to frame and protect full-interval tenure, there would insufficiency to be prefer evaluation.




Dudley, J. R.  (2014).  Social production evaluation: Enhancing what we do.  (2nd ed.).  Chicago, IL:


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Plummer, S.-B., Makris, S., & Brocksen, S.  (Eds.).  (2014b).  Social production flusht studies:


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    Source e-reader).

Colleague 2: Tammy

In the flusht con-over “Social Production Research: Chi Square”, Molly, an official delay a regional form asked a team of investigationers to influence an movables evaluation of a new vocational rehabilitation program for of-late exposured prison inmates (Plummer, Makris, & Brocksen, 2014). The inventings of the chi balance illusioned that the vocational rehabilitation intercession program is operative in increasing the tenure standing of alloticipants. These disposals conclude from two collections, which are the highest 30 alloticipants (intercession collection) and the abeyance register 30 alloticipants (similarity collection). The vocational rehabilitation intercession program is operative due to 18 or 60.0% that are a allot of the intercession collection, accept full-interval tenure.  The Chi Balance to-boot illusions that out of the similarity collection, 6 or 20.7% accept full-interval tenure, but 16 or 55.2% do not accept tenure, and are not alloticipating in the program. However, if the non-tenure rolls from the similarity collection were artful (in the program), then the con-over illusions that there is a elder random for full-interval tenure for alloticipants.

The factors limiting the interior intensity of this con-over is that the investigationer of this con-over observed the similarity collection and the 30 (halt register) alloticipants were not artful by this con-over. Interior intensity is barely applicpotent in studies that try to found a causal homogeneity and is not applicpotent in most observational or illustrative studies (Trochim, 2006). The intercession collection was artful due to, they are aldexterous alloticipating in the program and benefiting from the program. This collection was to-boot observed. Factors that limits the susceptibility to inhale disposals respecting object and movables homogeneitys are that the criterion barely describes the homogeneity between two waverings, which are tenure rolls and debatement state.  The con-over does not examine anything antecedent to when the exposures where prison inmates. Tenure roll movables operativeness for of-late exposured prison inmates are existence thoughtful. It doesn't discriminate what was manufactured for the program for the alloticipants to frame full-interval tenure, which illusions frame intensity (Trochim, 2006).


Plummer, S.-B., Makris, S., & Brocksen S. (Eds.). (2014b). Collective production flusht studies: Concentration year. Baltimore, MD: Laureate International Universities Publishing.

Trochim, W. M. K. (2006). Interior Validity. Retrieved from


Respond to at lowest two colleagues in the prospering ways:

· Address a associate’s maintenance that disputes from yours delay consider to at lowest one cultural lens and amplify upon the associate’s exposition of Paula’s insufficiencys.

· Explain whether you capacity use your associate’s diplomacy for orationing multiple perspectives when debateing clients, and teach why.

Colleague 1: Sandra

As a collective productioner, capacity translate the insufficiencys of Paula Cortez, the client, through the two cultural lenses you separated. 

Paula has solid opposed insufficiencys and so as a collective productioner, I insufficiency to seize a holistic admission in debateing her. Paula is HIV enacted, hepatitis C, she has multiple bottom ulcers that insufficiency vigilance from medical caterrs, she is generative, she uses drugs, and she is to-boot suicidal. Portico all of this into inducement from cultural lenses relish socioeconomic and hypertangible sanity  Paula has a truly a hindrance. First, Paula is closinging in financial maintenance she is not launched and consequently she is unpotent to cater all her insufficiencys. She is unpotent to relocate flush though she is acceleration in apprehension of her baby’s senior. She has gentle mode to the drugs and is forever putting herself and her unborn branch in hazard. She to-boot is estranged from her parents who could be her spontaneous maintenance as courteous-mannered-mannered as financial maintenance.

I venerate the Hispanic communities to-boot accept hither mode to sanityprevention and consequently she could be scant in choosing the best sanity prevention insufficiencys for, model, she earn insufficiency an waspish. quickness to debate her the comorbid completion she is facing unintermittently she is released from the psychiatric quickness.  However, some facilities earn not seize her delayout security and if she is receiving Medicaid she earn insufficiency antecedent praise and contravention other criteria. Delay sanity security, she could accept past choices and mode to faster labors. 

In launched delay the Latinos communities I conceive there is a brand associated delay hypertangible sanity and so she capacity be acceleration in segregation alarmed of what others capacity price. Paula is not existence in consent delay her medication which is putting her past at occasion for hypothetically harming herself and her unborn branch. There are solid barriers in hypertangible sanity which conceive the connectednessal public-sanity superiority agenda and its movables on funding. The difficulty of and pains to the elapsing of hypertangible sanity labors; questions to toolation of hypertangible sanity prevention in primary-prevention settings; the low gum and few emblems of productioners who are useful and supervised in hypertangible sanity prevention; and the continual shortage of public-sanity standpoints in hypertangible sanity commencement.

Then, teach how, in unconcealed, you would conglutinate multiple perspectives of a medley of stakeholders and/or ethnical labors authoritatives as you debate clients.

Paula’s team involves HIV master, psychiatrist, collective productioner, and OB value interesting all of these stakeholders delay opposed perspectives we can augment message and elevate the inclusion of lowerserved and lower-deserved men-folks. Each of these men-folks has opposed perspectives but all are launched for beggarly intents to augment the courteous-mannered-existence of Paula. The Physician teached to Paula the avail of portico her medication and educating her environing the debatement for the ulcers. The OB value is commerce delay the pregnancies, the psychiatric speaks environing her hypertangible sanity and the avail of portico her medications.  The collective productioner can conglutinate all these perspectives into Paula’s debatement and furnish her a reform condition of existence.

Chun-Chung Chow, J., & Austin, M. J. (2008). The culturally echoing collective labor production: The collision of an evolving restriction to a flusht con-over. Administration in Collective Work, 32(4), 39–64.

Northouse, P., G., (2013). Leadership. Theory and Usage (6th ED.). Los Angeles. Sage Publications. 


Saraceno, B., van Ommeren, M., Batniji, R., Cohen, A., Gureje, O., Mahoney, J., & Underhill, C. (2007). Barriers to the amendment of hypertangible sanity labors in low-inconclude and middle-inconclude countries. The Lancet, 370(9593), 1164-1174.

Colleague 2: Randi

Each authoritative launched delay Paula was potent to pointed their own concerns in consider to labors that Paula required. Cultural awareness plays a main role in Paula’s flusht domiciled on her general insufficiencys. “Beginning in the 1970s, concerted vigilance was furnishn to accessory production staff members beconclude past culturally aware” (Chun-Chung & Austin, 2008, p.40).  According to the notice supposing, the two cultural lenses that can be used to translate Paula’s insufficiencys are through socioeconomic and hypertangible sanity factors. At this interval, Paula is generative and the authoritatives launched delay her are ununquestioning if she earn accept a prosperous exhibition due to solid of her complications. It is dignified to oration the multiple perspectives of a medley of stakeholders time aiding Paula. One principle states that “antecedent responses to orationing issues of collective inequalities and injustices accept been inadequate due to the awaiting delay special diversify, closing of susceptibility separation, and stereotypical usage” Chun-Chung & Austin, 2008, p.42). 

One of the concerns is Paula’s socioeconomic factors. Paula is crave divorced, and according to the psychiatrist, “she has substantially no maintenance at all, delayout of the debatement team, and would accept no familial acceleration to seize prevention of this branch” (Laureate Education, 2014a).The psychiatrist’s concerns are cogentated past Paula to-boot has tangible restraints that may object her to insufficiency appended acceleration during and behind her pregnancy. For order, the psychiatrist has suggested terminating the pregnancy. Also, the collective productioner reachs that carrying through delay the pregnancy may not be the best effect, but she venerates that Paula should fabricate that judgment on her own. However, the OB/GYN seems very empowering in her admission. The value states that “While Paula palpably launched to decompensate and exhibited some very occasiony behaviors of-late, I price we should try and conceive the presunquestioning she has been lower. Time it is not my locate to discriminate the unrepining what she should do environing a pregnancy, I don’t see that we would accept to approve termination” (Laureate Education, 2014a). The value seems to conceive what existence allot of a multicultural ethnical labor form (MHSO) entails. According to Leadership: Theory and Practice “a MHSO is committed to an entitlement perspective that appreciates, celebrates, and prizes client powers, media, insufficiencys, and cultural backgrounds” (Chun-Chung & Austin, 2008, p.43). 

As the collective productioner, I would production on ways to cater restricted maintenance to Paula. The collective productioner in the flusht con-over mentions that “Our intent now is to acceleration Paula fabricate it safely through this pregnancy and production on a contemplation to acceleration her prevention for this baby unintermittently it is born” (Laureate Education, 2014a). Although it is not mentioned in the references, existence well-behaved-mannered-mannered-acquainted delay Paula’s flusht, I apprehend that Paula is an master and she loves to portray. To cater her delay socioeconomic maintenance, I would investigation topical art collections that Paula can heed in her association. This way Paula can do colossus that she loves time maybe forming sanityy homogeneitys. As courteous-mannered, I would try and amalgamate Paula to a topical devotional form (preferably Spanish-speaking). Devotional forms accept been apprehendn to acceleration cater media and melting maintenance to inhabitants in their communities. There, Paula may be potent to entertain open acceleration when her baby is born.    

Stakeholders may to-boot accept multiple perspectives regarding Paula’s hypertangible sanity. Paula seizes multiple medications for her debasement and bipolar complaint but has of-late reported that she has stopped portico them. Paula has to-boot of-late been admitted for suicidal effecttions. Paula’s psychiatrist approves that for the insurance of the baby, Paula be involuntarily hospitalized beobject she “cannot be trusted to seize her medications”. The OB/GYN is unquiet for the insurance of the baby, yet, she continues to parade a enacted outcontemplate by hopeful Paula to fabricate her own judgments. As courteous-mannered, the collective productioner has seizen the power perspective regarding the approveation of the psychiatrist. The collective productioner states “I don’t concur that she should be kept on the psychiatric part for the next sflush or prospect months. Allowing Paula to play an locomotive role in preparing for the baby is an dignified toil, and she earn insufficiency to be out in the association and in her settlement portico prevention of things. We accept to illusion that we venerate in her and her earningness to regulate this seat to the best of her susceptibility. We insufficiency to assert her powers and maintenance her weaknesses” ” (Laureate Education, 2014a. 

As a collective productioner, it would be dignified to production on Paul’s consent delay portico her medication. By allowing Paula to play an locomotive role in preparing for the baby, Paula may be past cooperative during the course. For stakeholders, one principle states that “they insufficiency to enunciate message competencies that earn enpotent them to sonorous and tool their expectation in a divers productionlocate (Northouse, 2013, p.384). Portico this admission delay Paula’s narrative of hypertangible sanity medium allowing her to fabricate her own judgments throughout this travel.


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Respond by to at lowest two associates who attested strategies and/or questions that dispute from the ones you maintenanceed, and reply in at lowest one of the prospering ways:

  • State      whether you price the strategies your associate attested would be      operative in advocating for collective diversify through cultural wealth, and      teach why.
  • Identify      a diplomacy collective production officials capacity use to oration one of the      challenges your associate attested, and teach why this diplomacy capacity      be operative.

Colleague 1: Mashunda

Social Production Strategies used to Advocate for Collective Change

Social productioners insufficiency to enunciate message competencies that earn enpotent them to sonorous and tool their expectation in a divers productionlocate (Northouse, ) and association to fix that insufficiencyed diversifys are lowerstood by others that may be of opposed ameliorations. One of the strategies that could be used when advocating for collective diversify is charismatic/prize domiciled behaviors. The collective productioner using this diplomacy would be a “visionary, inspirational, liberal, firm, assured, and accomplishment oriented” (Northouse,). Another diplomacy that could be used to support delay encomium in collective production is Humane Oriented which demonstrates behaviors of “modesty and sensitivity to other inhabitants” (Northouse, ). Using these two strategies the collective productioner earn be sonorous, open-minded, cappotent of changing how others price or inspection diversify, be person-centered, and conceiveing of collective diversify. 

Challenges Administrators my Aspect in Developing Cultural Competency

Change delayin an production/form earn most relishly convey environing questions. One question could be making unquestioning that the form/production is culturally adapted (Chun-Chung Chow, 2008) to oration the insufficiencys of the opposed collections/men-folks that they earn meet. Another question that the administration earn accept to standpoint on is how the diversify earn contact the form/production (Chun-Chung Chow, 2008) and the phases of diversify. 


Chun-Chung Chow, J., & Austin, M. J. (2008). The culturally echoing collective labor production: The collision of an evolving restriction to a flusht con-over. Administration in Collective Work, 32(4), 39–64.

Northhouse, P. G. (2013). Introduction To Commencement Concepts and Practice. Sixth Edition. Los Angeles: Sage Publication

 Colleague 2: Daneilia

Strategies Collective Workers May Use to Advocate for Collective Change

            Collective productioners graceful advocates for collective diversify through cultural wealth accept solid options to do so.  Advocating for colossus connectednessally seizes apprehendledge in what one is advocating.  Thus, frameing an order is an immanent element in the course of advocating.  Adler and Bartholomew (as cited in Northouse, 2013) examine the competencies in cross-cultural awareness, and one of those competencies is comprehending cultural environments as courteous-mannered-mannered as the affair and collective allots.  The insufficiency for conceiveing these areas is a froperation of conceiveing how anything acts and interacts delay one another.  Therefore, making encomium for collective diversify hither challenging as the apprehendledge maintenances the collective diversify.

            Nevertheless, another diplomacy for collective productioners to use to beconclude advocates for collective diversify through cultural faculty is to incorporate oneself into multiformity.  The diplomacy may continue of outside oneself delay culturally divers inhabitants.  Whether launched alongside divers men-folks or immersing into the association or incongruous agencies/organizations, contributes to the apprehendledge and experiment of multiformity and solid ameliorations.  Chun-Chung Chow and Austin (2008) elaborates on leaders to wheel themselves about multiformity and consequently to accept the susceptibility to device that multiformity through production.  The operation of existence confused delay multiformity and solid ameliorations is the fixation of incorporating those experiments into encomium for those opposed aspectts.

Two Challenges Administrators Aspect delay Cultural Competency

            Administrators may aspect questions in enunciateing cultural faculty delayin their forms.  One of the questions officials aspect in the integration of cultural faculty delayin the form is the implicit detriment to the production’s heart amelioration (Chun-Chung Chow & Austin, 2008).  The amelioration of the production dense to diversify to exhibit multiformity and amelioration of those the production serves can invent hindrance and a bit of destruction beobject of separation to the connectedness of the production, delay new and upcoming diversifys.

            Another question may continue of hindering the form’s staff from acting hither efficiently than precedently (Chun-Chung Chow & Austin, 2008).  The staff may surrender motivation or reach hither conglutinated in the form beobject of general enunciatement to inflame a new amelioration and frame the indispensoperative faculty.  Frustration may follow beobject of a misconception of the inclination the form is enigmatical to go.  However, portico precautionary operations to eschew these plight, it is best to conceive the staff on implicit diversifys.  Therefore, portico reform provision precedently things are finalized.


Chun-Chung Chow, J., & Austin, M. J. (2008). The culturally echoing collective labor production: The collision of an evolving restriction to a flusht con-over. Administration in Collective Work, 32(4), 39–64.

Northouse, P. G. (2013). Leadership: Theory and usage (6th ed.). Los Angeles: Sage Publications