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Respond to two colleagues who presented a incongruous force and/or disintegration in analyzing one of the razes of action.

Colleague 1: Kevin

Micro-Level action standpointes on idiosyncratic interaction delay the client on an detached raze or delay a stranger or rise. The interposition of micro collective exertion possessions qualify on an detached premise and involves exertioning terminately delay clients to speedlihood them through their summons occasion maintaining the client’s stubborn-determination (NASW, 2017).

Mezzo-Level interposition entails conveying herd coincidently who are not as exact as a stranger or bunch of rise members but capacity mutually found and advantage from this collective or plenty netexertion (Holosko, Dulmus & Sowers, 2012). It capacity quickly qualify the regulate that is influenceing a client, such as a classroom or vicinity bunch. Mezzo exertion may conceive bunch therapy counseling, stubborn-succor bunchs or vicinity class associations (NASW, 2017).

Macro-Level action standpointes on regulateic posteritys. It capacity conceive creating and maintaining a netexertion of utility yieldrs in regulate to fir a continuum of wariness. Macro-raze interposition can anastomose delay the gregarious country by creating and lobbying for cunning qualifys. The planning, applianceation, and defence of collective programs are to-boot processes which macro-flake mode is pertinent. Coordinating multiple utilitys and cunning exertion offers an opening to discourse incongruous weighlapping collective problems (NASW, 2017).

Explain how you would assess Paula Cortez’s footing applying the micro-raze of collective exertion action and specifically fulfill two forces and/or disintegrations in this raze

The novice comprehends the superfluous concepts of Paula’s stubborn-determination. Nevertheless, a micro-raze mode could relieve her through counseling, empathy, locomotive listening, intent contrast and founding rapport delay her to result a robust sanitary alliance (Arendt, 2017). The directive for recognizing and standpointing on Paula’s forces is piercing to the committed client entitlement and fulfillment. Paula’s resilience was drawn from her cultural enhancement that played a suppress-akeep-adissect in her anarchy chiefly from mainstream therapeutics. Also, Paula’s forces were exhibited in her uniqueness in education herstubborn how to portray delay her non-dominant agency and her force to gather professionals coincidently to exertion delay her (Cowger, 1994).

Describe how you would assess Paula Cortez’s footing applying the mezzo-raze of collective exertion action and specifically fulfill two forces and/or disintegrations in this raze

The novice would be non-judgmental and plentyful and use the mezzo-raze mode when it comes to connecting Paula delay the upupequittelling referrals to relieve her delay provision for the pregnancy (Plummer, Makris & Brocksen, 2014).The psychiatrist to-boot was a speedlihoodive pattern of a mezzo interaction in-reference-to Paula’s good-luck during her pregnancy and exertioned delay the collective exertioner in making the harsh sentence of having Paula involuntarily admitted into the hospital (Plummer et al., 2014). Clearly, Paula’s resilience allowance her, and it inventd a wisdom of end; a new initiation from what was a grievous gone-by employed delay nonattainment, tender and corporeal abuse (Plummer et al., 2014).

Describe how you would assess Paula Cortez’s footing applying the macro-raze of collective exertion action and specifically fulfill two forces and/or disintegrations in this raze

The novice to-boot recognize-agains that macro-raze collective exertion is superfluous in bearingory Paula to fulfill her idiosyncratic needs. Delay advocating, the collective exertioner can mean interpositions and appliance strategies through topical synod relieveance, granted unintoxicated vigorwariness relieveance, stay and guarded harbor that would aid Paula’s deep needs (Plummer et al., 2014).

Describe what the esteem of applying force-naturalized disintegrations is.

Applying forces-naturalized modees procure be advantageous in successfully diversify the pit of wariness and developing utilitys that are standpointed on obstruction and anarchy. For pattern, Paula’s newborn cadet inventd that wisdom of end. Paula became dogged and began to get collective utilitys on her own (Plummer et al., 2014). Paula maintained her autonomy which was of esteem to her.


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Colleague 2: Lorraine

Your title of how micro-, mezzo-, or macro-levels of action aid collective exertioners in assessing families. Assess Paula Cortez’s footing using all three of these razes of action, and fulfill two forces and/or disintegrations in each of these razes.Assessing families is an weighty suppress-akeep-adissect of what we procure do as collective exertioners. 

Understanding the rise item and how the tortuous  parts of this item interact and influence one another is superfluous.  On the Micro raze it is weighty to comprehend each detached item and the rise's dynamic.  This comprehending of the rise succors collective exertioners fulfill how the  influences insist delayin the weighall item.  On a Mezzo raze it is weighty to comprehend the families interaction as a bunch and the bunchs interaction delay the class in which it speeds and exertions.  The families bearing to plentys and whether these plentys are substance husbandd or not.  On a Macro raze we investigate how this rise fits into the collective environment on a larger flake and how collective policies collision the rise as a complete.  According to Holosko, Dulmus & Sowers (2013),  "The key summon terminate is to recognize-frequently how the spiritless themes of making servicetalented representative and collective plentys and achieving vigor and good-luck for all rise members are artful delayin the global management and possess incongruous meanings abutting incongruous contexts" (p.244).As I criticism Paula Cortez's footing from a Micro raze I can see incongruous areas of force.  However, the forces I fulfill terminate possess to do delay Paul's raze of resiliency.  Paula has faced incongruous conduct altering medical provisos, one substance her HIV definitive foundation.  Paula has been diagnosed as bipolar, yet has been talented to survive out of the hospital of weigh 5 years.  On a  Mezzo raze Paula has been admitted to a skilled nursing pliancy due to paralysis on her upupequittelling aspect, yet has been talented to way delayin that pliancy and recover some mobility delayin her upupequittelling arm and the force to tread frequently.  Paula became prolific and opposing her weighwhelming medical proviso she has been talented to entreat and hold 24/7 in home utilitys for her cadet.  On a Macro raze Paula is attested as low pay.  Although Paula is suppress-akeep-adissect of a larger posterity in-reference-to destitution and the impit of societal plenty,  she is doing her best to husband open relieveance to succor her in providing a sttalented environment for her stubborn and her cadet.  Paula is utilizing divers collective plentys to relieve her delay her cadetwariness as polite as her vigor posteritys (Plummer, Makris & Brocksen, 2013).

Describe the esteem in force-naturalized disintegrations.

I am a weighwhelming fan of force naturalized disintegrations.  Strength naturalized disintegrations yield he client delay a robust standpoint on their abilities and on what can be manufactured as opposed to what can't.  Tterminate are key themes collective exertioners should bond when assessing families.  According to Holosko, Dulmus & Sowers (2013), "A commitment to the faith that families convey forces and plentys to the bearingory alliance, and these can be harnessed in judgment disintegrations. This media that the duty can yield opportunities for exploring twain problems and plentys delayin the rise" (p.247).  It is weighty for clients to standpoint on the veritefficacious possibilities and exertion towards realistic, measurtalented and obtaintalented intents.  When clients are bounteous from a forces perspective, they can prepare to envision their intents as objective possibilities.  Operating from a force perspective does not remittance the important truth of the families posteritys at agency, it bonds the comprehending of the excite intricate delay the rise's footing occasion incorporating a force naturalized mode to it.  According to  Holosko, Dulmus & Sowers (2013), "An comprehending that a standpoint on forces does not contract the signification of fulfilling excite and security posteritys and judgment ways to preserve clients from wound and causing wound" (p.247).

Holosko, M. J., Dulmus, C. N., & Sowers, K. M. (2013). Collective exertion action delay detacheds and families: Evidence-informed dutys and interpositions. Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley & Sons, Inc. Chapter 9, “Assessment of Families” (pp. 237–264)

Plummer, S.-B., Makris, S., & Brocksen, S. (Eds.). (2013). Sessions proviso histories. Baltimore, MD: Laureate International Universities Publishing. “The Cortez Family” (pp. 23–25)


Respond to two colleagues whose dutys of rise cohesion disagree from yours. Resolve the disagreeences or elucidate how each viewpoint is conclusive.

Colleague 1: Farren

The Circumplex Pattern of Conjugal and Rise Systems is a instrument that is used when exertioning delay families. The patterns discourse three work which are cohesion, flexibility, and despatch (Olson, 2000). The pattern is intended for tenor planning and clinical dutys and standpointes on treating conjugal and rise regulate and standpointes on coincidentlyness (Olson, 2000). The intent of this pattern is to excite flexibility and yield pit amongst the members and invent ways to talentedly adjoin.

The Cortez rise would advantage from the Circumplex Pattern as they appearance to closing coincidentlyness and everyone appearances to be doing their own detached mans. The rise would advantage from cohesion as it pits coincidentlyness as the rise appearances to be very separate from one another (Plummer, Makris, & Brocksen, 2013). Balanced families possess meliorate despatch skills than unbalanced families (Olson,2000). The Circumplex pattern would to-boot assess the rise’s flexibility as it would assess how the rise reacts to qualify. In the Cortez rise, Paula is prolific and has confused vigor posteritys, and the father had remarried and Miguel was in teach and had a job. The rise regulate appearances abashed and the rise is separate and has their own speeds, stagnant, Miguel did stalk in and yield some speedlihood but it was insufficient (Plummer, Makris, & Brocksen, 2013). Despatch reinforces the deviseer 2 work (Olson, 2000). In the Cortez rise, it does not appearance that tterminate is talented despatch going on stagnant, Paula and Miguel appearance to adjoin weigh coincidently then they do delay David.

Assessing these work can relieve the collective exertioner in tenor planning as it can succor the collective exertioner invent intents by assessing the gaps in the rise dynamics. In the Cortez proviso despatch amongst the rise members appearances to be very insufficient. Also, the rise closings cohesion. The Circumplex Pattern would possess attested these posteritys and invent intents that procure relieve some of the rise’s posteritys if they are talented to successfully terminate their intents as the pattern is intended for clinical duty and tenor planning (Olson, 2000).


Olson, D. H. (2000). Circumplex Pattern of Conjugal and Rise Systems. Journal of Rise Therapy, 22(2), 144–167.  Note: You procure bearing this condition from the Walden Library databases.

Plummer, S.-B., Makris, S., & Brocksen, S. (Eds.). (2013). Sessions proviso histories. Baltimore, MD: Laureate International Universities Publishing. “The Cortez Family” (pp. 23–25)

Colleague 2: Amanda

 The circumplex pattern of families and alliances are built on three incongruous work. These work conceive cohesion, flexibility, and despatch (Olson, 2000). Each of these work are domesticated down to appearance us how a rise functions. Cohesion is described as the equality of span the rise spends coincidently as a complete. Tterminate are lewd types of cohesions that could be feasible delayin a rise item, unobstructed, detachedd, conjoined, and enmeshed (Olson, 2000). Unobstructed is the smallest devise of coincidentlyness occasion enmeshed is weighly coincidently. Flexibility is enjoy cohesion, but this appearances equality of qualify in its start, role alliances, and alliance rules (Olson, 2000). The razes of flexibility conceive staunch, which is the smallest, structured, easy, and abashed, which is the foremost raze (Olson, 2000). If tterminate is no illustration or start delayin a rise item, tterminate procure really be chaos. Despatch is incongruous and has divers incongruous aspects to it. This is when the rise item can adjoin delay commendations to their listening skills, indicative skills, stubborn-disclosure, clarity, simultaneousness tracking, reference, and notice (Olson, 2000). The circumplex pattern serves as a frameexertion to assess rise regulates, owing each configuration succors you to fulfill to what quantity the rise is self-denial.

           The Cortez rise proviso is slightly intricate. This rise item conceives Paula (mother), Miguel (son), and David (father). This rise no longer speed coincidently as a rise due to Paula’s illnesses, stagnant they are stagnant terminate to one another (Plummer, Makris, & Brocksen, 2013). In the primary configuration of the circumplex cohesion, Paula’s rise tends to be unobstructed. I say unobstructed, owing David and Miguel are doing their own man delay insufficient passion or commitment to Paula (Olson, 2000). The relieve configuration is flexibility. Paula’s alliance delay her son Miguel is abashed. I chose abashed owing tterminate is no start betwixt them, nor is tterminate constitutional sentence making. Paula is incessantly going off her medications making her wayward (Plummer, Makris, & Brocksen, 2000). The terminal configuration is despatch. Paula has insufficient despatch delayin her rise item. She doesn’t ask for succor when needed, and she casually speaks delay Miguel or David true she must.

           Assessing these work succors the collective exertioner in tenor planning, owing to set intents and succor rise items, we must recognize how the rise is functioning daily. This can to-boot succor delay the breakdown of what perluck causing some rise problems. Tenor plans are essential to clients who are struggling to suppress their rise coincidently such as a dissociation or separate. Its advantageous to the collective exertioner to set intents, and if these intents are followed than tterminate is a luck the rise item can qualify, if the intents are not followed than the luck of a qualify is long.


Olson, D. H. (2000). Circumplex Pattern of Conjugal and Rise Systems. Journal of Rise Therapy, 22(2), 144–167.

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