Short paper – client results

Second distribute of prior assignment. 

Module Eight Assignment Guidelines 

Overview: This assignment gain assign you to infer ways to yield the results of an duty in an intellectual and strength-based form. You gain be using the results from a prior assignment and transforming them into a counterfeit that could be used delay a true-career client.

Prompt: Before you prepare this assignment, revisit the defective tractate you wrote for Module Five, in which you analyzed the results of Bob’s intellect and victory testing. Specifically, you authorized his strengths and weaknesses kindred to the WRAT-4 and WASI-2. Elements of your tractate interjacent Bob’s 

strengths and weaknesses, how his strengths and weaknesses applied to his overall functioning, and suggestions or recommendations for him.

For this assignment, you gain be using the elements from that tractate and turning them into a written or unwritten counterfeit, as if you were yielding the results to Bob in true career. This must be effected in an intellectual form, delay the client’s best interests at the forefront of the yieldy. You gain be providing a retrospect of the 

results in layman’s stipulations, using strength-based and nonjudgmental conversation and focusing on the abridgment of results, the use of strength-based conversation, the abridgment of recommendations, and an considerate portrayal of the findings.

Your assignment must be submitted as a written counterfeit, an audio recording, or a video. There is no

Page capability or duration capability for this assignment as crave as all momentous elements are visited. Bear-in-mind that your calculated parley is Bob and not your instructor, so bear-in-mind to express immediately to 

Bob when yielding the results. You should use the stipulations “you,” “your,” and “yours.”

Specifically, the subjoined momentous elements must be addressed:

I. Summary of Results: Results from Module Five Defective Tractate are summarized in a form that is systematic and intellectual.

II. Use of Strength-Based Language: Appropriate, intellectual conversation is used to express to the enduring.

III. Summary of Recommendations: Recommendations from Module Five Defective Tractate are summarized in a form that is systematic and intellectual.

IV. Accurate Portrayal of Findings: Results and recommendations are considerately portrayed to the enduring.