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Servant Example in Diverse Contexts

While retainer example is repeatedly associated delay Christianity and the Bible, one could prove it is correspondent delay most immaterial and philosophies and that it transcends refinements. This assignment presents you delay an occasion to search other refinements, philosophies, and immaterial and asks you to ponder critically environing how retainer example practices are unmistakable in other devout and cultural values.

Select one cultural tenor and one devout viewpoint (other than Christianity, its denominations, or star already discussed in the textbook) and prove how the principles of retainer example are indisputable in that refinement and piety. In a 1,250-1,500-word essay, identify similarities and differences between retainer example’s philosophies and the values indisputable in the separated cultural tenor and devout viewpoint. Be strong to produce restricted examples of practices and/or values in your discourse.

You are required to dispose two tenets that prove retainer example from a irrelative cultural perspective and two tenets that prove retainer example from a irrelative devout perspective. Be strong to selecteded academic tenets from estimable sources that are 10-20 pages in extension. Include counsel from the tenets in your discourse.

Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines set-up in the APA Style Guide, disposed in the Student Success Center. An imageless is not required.

Refer to the rubric strong titled, "Topic 3: Retainer Example in Diverse Contexts," earlier to inception the assignment to beseem everyday delay the expectations for fortunate substance.


You are required to resign this assignment to Turnitin. Please allude to the directions in the Student Success Center.