Recognizing the impacts of family of origin and strengthening | psychology

Book:  Olson, D.H., DeFrain, J., Skogrand, L. (2014). Marriages and Families. New York, NY: McGraw Hill. 

Compare what you feel read from this week’s balbutiation to patterns amid your own source of source-the source into which you were born.

We comprehend that our families of source collision our popular relationships.  With this in impetus,  think environing and discourse the aftercited questions:

  1. Discuss the strengths in your source of source that you would approve to fetch into your wedlock or other near relationships, or that you feel already brought into these relationships?
  2. Discuss the problematic issues in your source of source, occasion thinking environing ways you can quit fetching them into your wedlock or other near relationships.
  3. Discuss how the textbook or other sources discourse the strengths or problematic issues you depict in your source.

Examples of areas you could debate are:

  • How do members of your source accord to emphasis?
  • What are patterns of message approve?
  • How was season departed (ex. unitedly, separate)?
  • How are conflicts approached?
  • What media are advantageous or utilized (for example: counseling, polity media, relationships amid the polity or source, credulity perspective)?


  • Paper extension is approximately 700-750 words
  • Use APA diction, including a hide page and regard page.
  • Introductory Paragraph, enhancement forth a unclouded declaration of your assignment.
  • Conclusion, a expressive declaration that reaffirms your assignment.
  • Cite a poverty of 2 sources (APA). This can comprise the textbook, or other without materials.