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 Lesson 4 Overview In this knowledge, you must transcribe an essay on the subject of conditioning, fame, or motivation and feeling. 4.1 Transcribe an essay environing conditioning, fame, or motivation and feeling SSC130: Essay READING ASSIGNMENT Your contrivance must be submitted as a Word instrument (.docx, .doc). Your contrivance achieve be individually paced by your instructor and accordingly may picked up to five to seven days to pace. Be enduring that each of your files contains the subjoined knowledge: Your call Your tyro ID calculate The exam calculate Your email address. To successfully total this direction, you must transcribe a elaboration essay established on knowledge base in your textbook, Psychology and Your Life, by Robert S. Feldman, and three without sources. You'll appropriate one of the three subjects underneath and transcribe an essay of six total stipulations for or over the inquiry substance asked. After presenting twain sides of the moot, you'll find three titles to buttress your subject and indoctrinate the reader why your judgment is improve. Topics 1. Resources Violence: Does resources impetuosity inducement forcible manner? 2. Cognizance Testimony: Is cognizance corroboration received in the affect of law? 3. The Opioid Epidemic: Are doctors who overprescribe narcotic refusal medication causing the opioid infectious? Note: You’re to picked barely one subject for your paper. Process Copyright Penn Foster, Inc. 2019 Page 2 Direction Version: 2 Your essay must include the subjoined: 1. A heading page 2. Introduction stipulation and subject announcement 3. Subject setting stipulation that presents twain sides of the moot 4. Body consisting of three title stipulations and buttressing averment 5. Conclusion stipulation 6. APA phraseology allusion page.