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attachment is the essay template and a quzz in minority 5 to be perfectd fixed on the axioms in that minority.


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The utility scheme we conquer tender is a non benefit-employment construction in East NY, Brooklyn. East NY nationality is riddened succeeding a while felony force and drugs. The non benefit-employment is a adolescence construction that provides an vent for adolescences ages 10 to 18 to conclude concomitantly to movivate each other. They tender counseling and other recreational activites to exselect dogmatical development.






What WILL YOU BE DOING FOR YOUR SERVICE PROJECT?  For this assignment you conquer be claimd to accommoend a MINIMUM of 4 hours of nationality utility at an influence of your choosing. You conquer be lawful for getting touch knowledge including the indicate, epithet, phone calculate and email oration for the SUPERVISOR or influence CONTACT PERSON for your scheme.  Succeeding completing the utility you conquer be claimd to communicate that knowledge in the 1st interrogation on your essay, so we can touch your supervisor/touch peculiar if we entertain interrogations encircling your scheme. In fitness your essay, you must rejoinder in perfect conceptions and perfect sentences.  Each interrogation conquer be rate a true sum of points totaling 100 points for this assignment.


how WILL YOU perceive out encircling places to originate?  You conquer perceive a HANDOUT succeeding a while touch knowledge for diversified constructions in the SERVICE PROJECT FOLDER entitled "VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES FOR SERVICE PROJECT".  

 A few examples of places you susceptibility be animated in that you conquer perceive on your roll enclose:

·         Snack herd for kids or KID'S Cafe      

·         High Plains Subsistence Bank, AC FOOD PANTRY,  or your persomal subsistence bank

·         Faith City band-arms or City Church or Salvation Army                         

·         Family Support Services or Catholic Family Services

·         Evelyn Rivers Projects (Sunshine House supports AC students and Christmas Scheme supports upshot)

·         Dove Creek Equine Rescue or Amarillo Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals   

·         Harrington Cancer Center (kids item) or Hope & Healing Place or Ronald McDonald House           



how WILL YOU BE GRADED ON THIS PROJECTThis essay conquer be rate 100 points or resembling to an exam towards your decisive pace.  Your essay conquer be paced according to the rubric that is shown on the decisive pages of this muniment!  Below, you conquer perceive all the interrogations for your essay.  As polite, you conquer perceive a TEMPLATE in the SERVICE PROJECT FOLDER, which you conquer USE to perfect your essay.  Be certain you grasp season to note what you conquer be paced on.  See Appendix 1.

            EDITING YOUR WORK: Good conceptions claim excuspowerful fitness to be understood! Content grasp season to EDIT your production carefully as you conquer be paced on your style and fitness mechanics for the 5 sunder essay, concurrently succeeding a while the construction of your conception and the "knowledge you posses" connected to the axioms and graphs on indigence, as polite as the interrogations being asked encircling your scheme.  Write in perfect sentences, mind punctuation and capitalization and special style count!  JUST A NOTE: "I" is a special noun and should BE CAPITALIZED! This is NOT A TEXT MESSAGE TO YOUR FRIENDS! It's a COLLEGE-LEVEL WRITING ASSIGNMENT! 


Prior to UPLOADING your essay in the SERVICE PROJECT ESSAY DROP BOX, content be certain you edit it polite, peruse it out obstreperous to clutch errors in your style and spelling, concurrently succeeding a while focusing your conceptions to be plain and animated.  After your decisive edit, SAVE YOUR DOCUMENT as a WORD refine or a RICH TEXT FORMAT refine on your computer in a precipitation you can perceive it.  Your muniment should entertain either a .doc or .docx production or a .rtf production at the end of the refine indicate. Then go to the DROP BOX, prime BROWSE and restore your refine. When you upload it, you should be powerful to see it in the TEXT BOX if it's a WORD refine.  If it's a RTF refine, you should see a box indicating the refine is there. 

            CITING SOURCES:  A sunder of your pace conquer be aggravate special citing of commencements for this scheme.  Remember, in the items that are claimd to entertain a bibliography/reference minority, be certain you select your commencement succeeding a while the makers indicate, end of divulgation and that epithet of the commencement, and publisher concurrently succeeding a while any pages you used, or, if your commencement is an online commencement enclose the epithet , any maker, end, and the web oration stating "Retrieved from".     

For example:  Myers, D. (2014) Exploring Psychology (9th Edition).  Worth, pages 35-39.     OR

Henslin, J. (2016).  Sociology: A Down-to-Earth Approach.  Core Concepts (6th Edition). Pearson, page 102.

For an online commencement (in-particular those connected to your influence fact) you conquer entertain a citation that looks relish this:

High Plains Subsistence Bank: Encircling The Agency.   Retrieved May 21, 2016 from

As polite, be certain you select your commencements in the assemblage of your text: For example:

The object of the High Plains Subsistence Bank is to acceleration "subsistence insecure" families get the sustentation they scarcity in the 29 counties of the Texas Panhandle (High Plains Subsistence Bank: About, May 21, 2016).

Or: Myers (2014, p. 375) tells us that populace must entertain their basic scarcitys met precedently they can achieve upper adjust goals.  This conception is put forth in Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs (Maslow, 1970), which shows that scarcitys relish yearn and dryness must be met precedently populace conquer go succeeding peculiaral goals relish edifice self-esteem and attaining an educational limit.


HINT: IF YOU LOOK IN YOUR REFERENCE SECTION OF YOUR TEXTBOOK, you conquer perceive the special FORMAT for any REFERENCE that you are using for this essay!