Psychology emotion & motivation case analysis assignment

Psychology Emotion & Motivation Case Analysis Assignment

Emotion & Motivation Case Analysis Assignment


Due: Week Seven

Points: 100


Case Analysis

Joe, Stacie, and Shannon are all employees among the identical construction. Consider each employee's characteristics beneath. Then address the questions aftercited the employee descriptions.

Employee 1: Joe enjoys hereafter to enterprise each day. He finds purpose in the upshot of his enterprise. He believes his enterprise helps others. He seeks out new ways to create his enterprise more serviceable, and frequently initiates new enterprise designs. He relishs to come occupied throughout the day. He sometimes has a solid age if there is not sufficient enterprise to do. He has no hanker to permission the construction and would relish to abide to be promoted among the posse as he gains proof.

Employee 2: Stacie finds that although she used to relish her exoteric posture among the posse, she now finds it hither rewarding. She has been in the identical posture for a few years, and in the elapsed, enjoyed enterpriseing on the team she was assigned. Recently, she had the turn to enterprise on a peculiar design, but this enterprise was transient. She plant the brainstorming, planning, and bud akin to the design sincere and attractive. Once the design was completed, she returned to her preceding posture. She no longer finds her exoteric posture as satisfying as she used to preceding to enterpriseing on the peculiar design. She is regarding changing postures among the posse, if feasible, or seeking out a job in another construction.

Employee 3: Shannon comes to enterprise full day on age. She does her job as assigned, enterprises very solid, takes on challenging tasks to rectify enterprise, and ensures that this is noticed by others. She is very manifest encircling the expectations for her posture as well-behaved-behaved as the criteria for evaluation. During annual evaluations, she hopes her evaluation scores are haughty sufficient for her to be prime for a worth breed. One of her pristine goals for this year is to be nominated for the employee of the year divide at the posse's annual dinner, which comes after a while twain a preferred parking extension and a money premium. 

(a) Excellent two of the employees aloft. For each employee, excellent one of the theories/models beneath, and decipher why that mould/theory applies to the excellented employee. (use a incongruous mould for each employee]

Achievement Motive (3 aspects of achievement-oriented conduct)
Arousal Theory
Drive Reduction Theory 
Intrinsic and Extrinsic Motivation
Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs
(b) Consider how emotions government govern the motivation of the employees you excellented. Which emotions government diminish motivation in one of the aloft employee scenarios? Which emotions government extension motivation in one of the aloft employee scenarios? Explain.

(c) How could an single or construction use attainments encircling the motivation theories and moulds aloft to extension motivation among the enterpriseplace?

Requirements: Length = approximately 2 pages.