Psychology 2200 | Psychology homework help


1. Boris is sentiment veritably urgencyed and calls a associate for some counsel. This is an educement of a(n) __________ coping diplomacy.

a. emotional

b. physical

c. actional

d. percipient


1. At a untoward lineage junction, Paige is completely urgencyed. Her disposition is racing, her emotions are frazzled, and she has crossed her struggle to eminent she's not to be unquiet. Paige's responses to the junction are notorious as

a. burnout.

b. public congruity.

c. urgencyors.

d. urgency counteractions.


1.  After supply out asameness examination, novices were ardent separeprimand identicalness forms. Mostsaid that their forms were fairly cheerful-tempered-tempered descriptions of themselves, and theywere amazed to establish-known that they had all accepted the identical form. Thisillustrates one of the ocean criticisms of the __________ admittance.

a. humanistic psychology

b. trait

c. percipient actional

d. psychodynamic


1. Alonzo was playing baseball and made a touch. His coach yelled at him. Alonzo was ireful, but instead of yelling tail, he punched his stuffed animals when he returned settlement. Alonzo displayed the plea contrivance of

a. counteraction formation

b. displacement

c. compensation

d. rationalization


1. Darrin frequently feels ireful. However, instead of recognizing his fret, Darrin believes that the vulgar encircling him are ireful. He is utilizing the plea contrivance of

a. rationalization.

b. displacement.

c. propulsion.

d. vaporousness.


1. Dr. Aikman is a psychologist who studies the factors that succor vulgar concur to past direct lifestyles such as exercising and having a salubrious cheer. Dr. Aikman is most slight a __________ psychologist.

a. community

b. soundness

c. clinical

d. identicalness


1. According to Rotter's trust hypothesis, a special’s resolution to enlist in a action is fixed by what the special expects to occur subjoined the action and by

a. what percipient special variables adduce to the top.

b. the reprimand the special situates on the fruit.

c. the provisions of price the separeprimand has created.

d. the relatively secure traits the separeprimand possesses.



1. A psychologist at a spiritual soundness life was perplexed encircling how to diagnose a client. Which nonprojective identicalness examination authority the psychologist direct to succor educe a speciality?

a. Minnesota Multiphasic Sameness Inventory (MMPI)

b. Rorschach Inkblot Test

c. Draw-a-Person Examination (DAP)

d. Thematic Apperception Examination (TAT)


1. According to Freud, the ego, which evolves from the id and creates ways to get what one wants in a cosmos-persons liberal of rules, operates on the __________ law.

a. reality

b. morality

c. enjoyment

d. compromise


1. A special delay a disease-resistant identicalness is one who

a. is very ireful and resentful

b. handles urgency effectively

c. is violent on all big five characteristics

d. has an palpable locus of control


1. According to Selye's public congruity syndrome copy, an unpracticed soldier suddenly drive into a desire, warm encounter would most slight counteract in which of the subjoined orders?

Resistance, warn counteraction, inanition

Panic, malady, hindrance

Alarm counteraction, hindrance, inanition

Resistance, inanition, warn counteraction


1. Grounded on elimination delay adopted effect and twins, which of the subjoined is a pardonable declaration encircling the gift of heredity to identicalness?

a. Identical twins that entertain been exorbitant conjointly entertain common identicalness traits consequently of genetic  factors.

b. Vulgar possess predispositions for undeniable identicalness factors.

c. Birth appoint is one of the most dignified influences on identicalness.

d. There are "sameness genes" that detail undeniable identicalness traits.


1. A novice who handles the urgency of a part-opportunity job and a liberal-opportunity manner direct in law nurture by scheduling opportunity carefully is using a __________ urgency-coping regularity.

a. actional

b. percipient

c. subjective

d. physiological


1. Carl Rogers contends that a child’s self-concept educes as she receives __________ from parents and educationists, has a congruent habit, and feels cheerful-tempered-tempered encircling what she is doing.


provisions of price

direct regard

a enlargement orientation


1. Andre is very unembarrassed and fertile but as-well very restless and tidy. On which two of the five-factor identicalness copy body would Andre reprimand violently?

a. Conscientiousness; neuroticism

b. Agreeableness; emotionality-stability

c. Extraversion; ingenuousness to habit

d. Neuroticism; congruence


1. All of the subjoined has been shown to be associated delay inarticulate immune method functioning except

a. depression

b. a noncommunication of perceived control

c. the termination of a spouse

d. an acception in intrinsic killer cells


1. All of the subjoined are actional urgency responses except

a. catastrophizing.

b. alcohol abuse.

c. offence.

d. difficult facial expressions.


1. Batman and Spiderman are having lunch conjointly. Spiderman confides that he can't interest the urgency of felony antagonist anymore. He's behove additament apt, sad, irritable, and unconcerned to the growing inadequateness of the city. Grounded on what you recognize from the citation, Spiderman seems to be self-denial from

a. burnout.

b. dysthymic experimentation.

c. collective phobia.

d. posttraumatic urgency experimentation.


1. According to psychodynamic laws, a short boy who once and touchnly calls his educationist "Mom" probably

a. has not successfully completed the spoken and anal measures of educement.

b. is making an age-appropriate educespiritual touch.

c. has been influenced by the Thanatos impulse of sex and enjoyment.

d. has some ignorant conflicts regarding his dowager.


1. After Eduardo interests a identicalness tribute grounded on the five-factor identicalness copy, the results designate he is a social and outgoing special who gains ghost from entity delay other vulgar. In other expression, Eduardo has scored violent on the bulk of

a. emotionality-stability.

b. extraversion.

c. agreeableness.

d. enlargement orientation.


1. After Natter just avoids a car additament, he notices that his disposition is beating speedily and he feels a "rush" from the adrenaline in his orderstream. Natter is most slight in the __________ measure of the public congruity syndrome.

a. congruity

b. warn counteraction

c. inanition

d. hindrance


1. Dr. Collins studies the patterns of subjective and actional characteristics by which each special can be compared and contrasted delay other vulgar. Dr. Collins is bestclassified as a __________ psychologist.

a. clinical

b. actional

c. identicalness

d. collective


1. According to Freud, if conflicts at any ardent psychosexual measure are unresolved, the

a. ego accomplish miss to educe.

b. special accomplish behove a manacle smoker or an alcoholic.

c. special accomplish be ignorantly preoccupied delay the area of enjoyment.

d. special accomplish establish a flying transition to the contiguous measure in the order.


1. Carlos talks excessively throughout the day. He as-well eats too abundant and drinks a lot. If you were a Freudian psychologist, you would most slight say that Carlos has

a. an spoken fixation.

b. an Oedipal many-sided.

c. too abundant libido.

d. a wanting id.


1. After afloat a urgencyful job for years, Kyle has educeed violent order exigency and an abscess. In which measure of the public congruity syndrome would Selye situate Kyle?

a. Attack

b. Exhaustion

c. Resistance


d. Warn counteraction