Psychology 2200 | Psychology homework help


1. Boris is impression unquestionably forceed and calls a companion for some counsel. This is an in of a(n) __________ coping policy.

a. emotional

b. physical

c. proceedingal

d. apprehensive


1. At a unfavorable origin consolidation, Paige is perfectly forceed. Her nature is racing, her emotions are frazzled, and she has crossed her arms to extraordinary she's not to be solicitous. Paige's responses to the consolidation are unreserved as

a. burnout.

b. unconcealed writing.

c. forceors.

d. force reboundions.


1.  After supply out aindividuality standard, learners were dedicated indivisible particularity features. Mostsaid that their features were fairly cheerful-tempered-tempered descriptions of themselves, and theywere thunderstruck to find that they had all accepted the identical feature. Thisillustrates one of the deep criticisms of the __________ entrance.

a. humanistic psychology

b. trait

c. apprehensive proceedingal

d. psychodynamic


1. Alonzo was operating baseball and made a chance. His coach yelled at him. Alonzo was resentful, but instead of yelling tail, he punched his stuffed animals when he returned settlement. Alonzo displayed the protection contrivance of

a. reboundion formation

b. dismemberment

c. compensation

d. rationalization


1. Darrin frequently feels resentful. However, instead of recognizing his imbitter, Darrin believes that the mob encircling him are resentful. He is utilizing the protection contrivance of

a. rationalization.

b. dismemberment.

c. prominence.

d. contrariety.


1. Dr. Aikman is a psychologist who studies the factors that acceleration mob unite to past independent lifestyles such as exercising and having a wholesome sustenance. Dr. Aikman is most mitigated a __________ psychologist.

a. community

b. soundness

c. clinical

d. particularity


1. According to Rotter's trust plea, a idiosyncratic’s determination to vouch in a proceeding is determined by what the idiosyncratic expects to fall subjoined the proceeding and by

a. what apprehensive idiosyncratic variables devote to the predicament.

b. the treasure the idiosyncratic settles on the remainder.

c. the conditions of price the indivisible has created.

d. the proportionately permanent traits the indivisible possesses.



1. A psychologist at a immaterial soundness disposition was involved encircling how to diagnose a client. Which nonprojective particularity standard authority the psychologist transfer to acceleration amplify a individuality?

a. Minnesota Multiphasic Individuality Inventory (MMPI)

b. Rorschach Inkblot Test

c. Draw-a-Person Standard (DAP)

d. Thematic Apperception Standard (TAT)


1. According to Freud, the ego, which evolves from the id and creates ways to get what one wants in a globe ample of rules, operates on the __________ postulate.

a. reality

b. morality

c. gratification

d. compromise


1. A idiosyncratic after a while a disease-resistant particularity is one who

a. is very resentful and resentful

b. handles force effectively

c. is proud on all big five characteristics

d. has an superficial locus of control


1. According to Selye's unconcealed writing syndrome design, an strange soldier suddenly force into a covet, determined encounter would most mitigated rebound in which of the subjoined orders?

Resistance, wake reboundion, emptiness

Panic, malady, opposition

Alarm reboundion, opposition, emptiness

Resistance, emptiness, wake reboundion


1. Naturalized on exploration after a while adopted conorder and twins, which of the subjoined is a pardonable declaration encircling the subsidy of heredity to particularity?

a. Identical twins that enjoy been loud contemporaneously enjoy common particularity traits consequently of genetic  factors.

b. Mob enjoy predispositions for established particularity factors.

c. Birth arrange is one of the most significant influences on particularity.

d. There are "individuality genes" that determine established particularity traits.


1. A learner who handles the force of a part-span job and a ample-span direction inculpate in law nurture by scheduling span carefully is using a __________ force-coping order.

a. proceedingal

b. apprehensive

c. psychological

d. physiological


1. Carl Rogers contends that a child’s self-concept amplifys as she receives __________ from parents and educators, has a congruent proof, and feels cheerful-tempered-tempered encircling what she is doing.


conditions of price

independent regard

a augmentation orientation


1. Andre is very schemeatic and prolific but too very concerned and tidy. On which two of the five-factor particularity design quantity would Andre trounce proudly?

a. Conscientiousness; neuroticism

b. Agreeableness; emotionality-stability

c. Extraversion; straightforwardness to proof

d. Neuroticism; congruence


1. All of the subjoined has been shown to be associated after a while inarticulate immune scheme functioning except

a. depression

b. a delaydrawal of perceived control

c. the dissolution of a spouse

d. an acception in spontaneous killer cells


1. All of the subjoined are proceedingal force responses except

a. catastrophizing.

b. alcohol affront.

c. onslaught.

d. strained facial expressions.


1. Batman and Spiderman are having lunch contemporaneously. Spiderman confides that he can't siege the force of misdeed contending anymore. He's behove surroundings prostrate, sad, caviling, and careless to the growing unfairness of the city. Naturalized on what you distinguish from the passage, Spiderman seems to be disinclination from

a. burnout.

b. dysthymic quackery.

c. political phobia.

d. posttraumatic force quackery.


1. According to psychodynamic postulates, a dwarf boy who unintermittently and chancenly calls his educator "Mom" probably

a. has not successfully completed the spoken and anal extents of amplifyment.

b. is making an age-appropriate amplifyimmaterial chance.

c. has been influenced by the Thanatos impulse of sex and gratification.

d. has some uninformed conflicts relative-to his dowager.


1. After Eduardo sieges a particularity impost naturalized on the five-factor particularity design, the results mark he is a sociable and outgoing idiosyncratic who gains disposition from entity after a while other mob. In other control, Eduardo has scored proud on the measurement of

a. emotionality-stability.

b. extraversion.

c. agreeableness.

d. augmentation orientation.


1. After Natter scarcely avoids a car surroundings, he notices that his nature is beating astride and he feels a "rush" from the adrenaline in his respectstream. Natter is most mitigated in the __________ extent of the unconcealed writing syndrome.

a. writing

b. wake reboundion

c. emptiness

d. opposition


1. Dr. Collins studies the patterns of psychological and proceedingal characteristics by which each idiosyncratic can be compared and contrasted after a while other mob. Dr. Collins is bestclassified as a __________ psychologist.

a. clinical

b. proceedingal

c. particularity

d. political


1. According to Freud, if conflicts at any dedicated psychosexual extent are unresolved, the

a. ego succeed miss to amplify.

b. idiosyncratic succeed behove a manacle smoker or an alcoholic.

c. idiosyncratic succeed be uninformedly preoccupied after a while the area of gratification.

d. idiosyncratic succeed gain a swift transition to the direct extent in the order.


1. Carlos talks excessively throughout the day. He too eats too greatly and drinks a lot. If you were a Freudian psychologist, you would most mitigated say that Carlos has

a. an spoken fixation.

b. an Oedipal intricate.

c. too greatly libido.

d. a imperfect id.


1. After instituted a forceful job for years, Kyle has amplifyed proud respect constraining and an abscess. In which extent of the unconcealed writing syndrome would Selye settle Kyle?

a. Attack

b. Exhaustion

c. Resistance


d. Wake reboundion