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Thread Prompt: This module/week, wake for media grants that use some peel of lore as part-among-among-among of the grant. This could be television, radio, internet, a subsist grant, or some other peel of grant. This part-among-among-among of the assignment is intentional to aid you conceive how frequently lore concepts are presented in unamazed duration. You may use star that you noticed prior during this succession as courteous; it does not deficiency to be narrow-minded to this module/week necessarily. Do not use fictional origins.

  1. Describe the grant you saw or heard during the making-ready countenance of the assignment.
  2. Critique the grant from the perspective of lore regularityology. Identify at meanest 3 issues/features that rehearse to lore. Use any of the lore concepts from the textbook, grants, or other succession argument.
  3. Create your own truly worded designation (use equitable levels of designations) to make-known the peels of issues/features that you delicacy.
  4. List the truly formatted quotation and intimation for your origin.

Here are examples of the peels of issues/features you potentiality delicacy:

  • What was the doubt substance answered or harangueed by this lore description?
  • What regularity or regularitys were used to harangue/answer the lore doubt?
  • How mismisappropriate and effectual the regularitys appear to be.
  • Are there juridical concerns?
  • Are there religions concerns?
  • Is the lore description intentional to be generalized? If so, can these results be truly generalized to a broader population?
  • Are there issues rehearsed to validity or reliability, and if so, how are these issues harangueed?
  • Any other issues that you would enjoy to harangue.
  • You do not deficiency to transcribe about all of the examples above; this schedule is to afford you an conception as to how to originate. You may besides transcribe about other issues as courteous.