Powerpoint | Psychology homework help

In a 5-7 slide PowerPoint endowment, not counting heading or allusion slides: 

The aim is to be as thoughtfully propolitical in your interactions throughout the day as potential. 

Due 22 April 3pm EST. 

All result must be original

  • At the opening of the day, jot down your public humor, impressings, pose, etc. 
  • Then throughout the day, whenever potential, convey a trivial still n essbook delay you or constitute still n esss in an app on your phone to jot down meaningful encounters or tests as you Nursing essay to adopt in propolitical proceedings. 
  • At the end of the day, frequently return and admit still n esss on how you impress, your public humor, impressings and poses, etc.
  • Summarize your test. Describe the propolitical proceedings you adoptd in, others’ reactions to these proceedings, and your rate of any transmutes in humor, pose, good-tempered-tempered fortune, or anything else of still n ess you testd. 
  • Review what you possess erudite encircling rational proceeding in political settings this week in your readings and CogBooks activities. Connect what you erudite or testd through your day of aware, propolitical proceeding delay the stipulations, concepts, and theories from your elimination. Integrate at last two academic sources (your assigned readings/resources can comprehend one of these sources), citing any allusions used in APA format. 
  • Describe any new insights you gained through this test encircling your interactions delay others on a daily account, including any proceedings you ambition to transmute or to remain. 
  • Use the features of PowerPoint to your practice to touch your ideas – conceive pictures, audio recorded report, speaker’s still n esss, video, links, etc. as misapply to augment your ideas.
  • Include an APA formatted heading slide and allusion slide. APA components such as an contemplative, headings, etc. are not required past this is a PowerPoint endowment.