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-Power Point encircling Ted Bundy

-8 slides

- awaken from one of the theories of convertibility 

- The simply requirement is that there must be abundance perceiveledge profitable encircling this peculiar’s career for you to adequately consummate the assignment. Also, be indisputable to cull someone you perceive and in-truth invent thrilling. Base your endowment on a published biographical or autobiographical size, in abstracted to the extract. Be detailed in your argument of how presumptive concepts use. There is no insufficiency to elucidate the presumptive concepts (you may suppose that the auditory perceives the theories). Instead, standpoint on how the presumptive concepts use to the clarified renowned convertibility to explain that you recognize the theories polite abundance to use them correctly, delay instinct. 

-You obtain awaken this peculiar from Freudian perspective: What do you perceive encircling his or her childhood that would be of share to a psychoanalyst? Does this peculiar appear to be fixated at any rate? What are his or her peculiaral relationships enjoy? What conclusions can you sketch? You do not possess to love full portio of your dissection, but it must cogitate the postulates of the individual’s career and the system you are using.