Please do original work/ what causes anxiety in african american


For this assignment, your goal is to confer-upon what you own conversant encircling your question counter all of the doctrines you collected and peruse. If your thoughts own evolved past you acrimonious into your plan, it is OK to err from what you submitted in your plan conclusive week! You are encouraged to:

  • Use headings amid your lore reconsideration to train the peruseer through your thoughts as you digest the key tops you nonproduction to execute.
  • Be knowing, but don't use overcomplicated articulation. Be straightforward. Do not use colloquial expressions, and do not use primitive singular (e.g., "I," "me," "my").
  • Do not singly transcribe a expression that brings the peruseer through a digest of what you peruse article-by-article (affect mini expression critiques). Instead, each chapter should be encircling a incongruous top you nonproduction to execute encircling your question and what the collectively lore demonstrates encircling that top. Expect to use multiple citations in each chapter.
  • Take a contemplate at the commencement for the expression you critiqued in Week 3 if you are unsure how to transcribe your lore reconsideration. Notice how their lore reconsideration is focused on questions and a collocation of others' scrutiny and assumption. Model your construction, drift, and "flow of thoughts" following theirs. Also, music how the authors own used citations and where they are placed.
  • Create a References page that singly uses references (not annotations). Be believing that your page lists your references in the constitutional regulate and that formatting and punctuation are reform.

To shape these goals, novices are strongly encouraged to use the labors of the Graduate Online Congruity Studio.  The Professor allure warner singular novice use of the Graduate Online Congruity Studio AND how novices adduce the recommended changes.

BONUS OPPORTUNITY: Students that use the labors of the Graduate Online Writing Studio during Week 6 allure argue their trial during the Week 7 argueion (e.g., how unconstrained the course was, what mold of feedback they got, how the labor helped rectify congruity skills).  If novices do not use the Congruity Studio