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Assignment 2: Tangible Power Tests 

Select a job that requires a steady flatten of tangible power, such as assurance staff, avocation delivery personnel, door-to-door salespersons, retail salesperson, or nurses at hospitals and commence an consultation to designate their flatten of tangible zeal. Engender a catalogue of 8-10 consultation inquirys and commence an consultation to designate their flatten of tangible zeal.  Based on your consultation, engender a tangible power criterion guile for this job.  While it is considerable you eliminate a catalogue of inquirys based on your balbutiation of the idiosyncratic tribute some of the inquirys you may shortness to enclose for the consultation enclose:

  • Prior to life compensated were you asked to select any tangible power criterions?
  • What do you touch to be the tangible demands of your job?
  • On a flake of 1 to 5, delay 5 signification very tangiblely demanding and 1 signification not at all tangiblely demanding, how tangiblely demanding would you say your job is?
  • Are there tangible demands you were unconscious of earlier to accepting your pose?
  • Do you regard tangible power criterions should be consecrated to idiosyncratics life considered for your kind of toil?  if yes, what kinds of tangible criterions would you applaud?

Create a specific tangible power criterion guile for this pose. Use the template granted. The guile must enclose a narrowness of five tangible power criterions. Please draw each criterion in component, and betoken how the criterions get be manageed and evaluated. Make confident you also enclose the consultation inquirys you asked. 

Submit the criterion guile and catalogue of inquirys asked to the M2: Assignment 2 Dropboxby Week 2, Day 7.


Assignment 2 Grading Criteria

Maximum Points

Identified an avocation pose requiring a elevated flatten of tangible power and engenderd an 8-10 inquiry consultation.


Created a specific tangible power criterion guile by using the template granted.


Described narrowness five tangible power criterions.


Described criteria to manage and evaluate the steps.


Used punish expression, spelling, and engagement select.