Person-centered, existential, and gestalt theory application

Read the "Case Con-balance Analysis."

Select one of the subjoined theories that you arrive-at best applies to treating the client in the occurrence con-over:

· Person-Centered

· Existential

· Gestalt

Write a 750-1,000-word partition of the occurrence con-balance using the hypothesis you chose. 

Include the subjoined in your partition.

1. What concepts of the hypothesis find it the most embezzle for the client in the occurrence con-over?

2. Why did you embezzle this hypothesis balance the others?

3. What achieve be the goals of counseling and what interference strategies are used to achieve those goals?

4. Is the hypothesis intended for short- or long-term counseling?

5. What achieve be the counselor's role delay this client?

6. What is the client's role in counseling?

7. For what population(s) is this hypothesis most embezzle? How does this hypothesis discourse the gregarious and cultural needs of the client?

8. What affixed counsel agency be advantageous to perceive environing this occurrence?

9. What may be a betray in using this adit?

· Include at meanest three literary references in your tract.

Each counter-argument to the assignment prompts should be discourseed inferior a disconnected appellation in your tract. Refer to "APA Headings and Seriation," 


                                                                      Case Con-balance Analysis 

Client Name: Ana

Client age:24 

Gender: F

Presenting Problem

Client states, "I recently obsolete my job and arrive-at irreformable. I can't drowse and don't arrive-at enjoy eating." Client besides reports she has obsolete 10 pounds during the ultimate two months. Client states that she is a solo originator and is worried environing improving homeless. Client states, "I torment all the date. I can't get my brain to close off. My mate is in the soldierly and currently serving in an balanceseas arms zone for the direct prospect months. I torment environing him all the date."

Behavioral Observations

Client arrived 30 minutes existing for her Nursing Assignment. Client orderly that she had never been in counseling precedently. Client inglorious and unquiet, as evidenced by refutation hands and tearfulness as she occupied out her intake tractwork. Ana made paltry eye contiguity as she picturesque what brought her into tenor. Client harangue was halting. Client feign horizontal. Client appeared achieveing to allocate to prospect sessions of tenor verified by her security corporation. 

General Background

Client is a 24-year-old first-generation immigrant from Guatemala. Ana was furloughed from her job as a advance director at persomal bank three months ago. Client reputed that she was from a rich origin in Guatemala, but does not failure to ask for acceleration. Client speaks fluent Spanish.


Client has completed one year of garden delay a superior in matter. Client states that she left garden behind her son was born as she establish it reserved to administer a baby, garden, and a full-date job. 

Family Background

Client is the average of filthy siblings. Client has two older brothers and one younger sister. Client's originators feel been married for 27 years. Client states that she has had a "close" similarity delay her origin, although she states that her father is a "heavy drinker." Client states that all her brothers and sisters feel graduated from garden and feel administrative careers. Client states that her father is a banker and her woman is an preceptor. Client states that she has not seen her origin for 1 year. Client has a 1-year-old son and states that she is rarely "overwhelmed" by amelioration him queer.

Major Stressors

· Lack of origin and supportive friends

· Financial problems due to job loss

· Mate deployed balanceseas

· Amelioration a baby by herself