Penn foster exam: 050204rr – psychology for two or more

Questions 1 to 25: Select the best rejoinder to each investigation. Note that a investigation and its rejoinders may be sunder across a page 
break, so be unfailing that you entertain seen the total investigation and all the rejoinders antecedently choosing an rejoinder.

1. According to your citation, whether you’re persuaded by a missive procure principally rest on which factor?
A. Your geniusistics, including your oneness and intelligence
B. The structure of the missive as it relates to your temperament
C. Whether you confide the missive while at performance or at home
D. Your discernment or reason of the lodgment of the missive


2. Jason and Julia are preparing for a ridicule in Psychology 101. Jason recites four reasons for seeking out a 
collective food network. Julia, who has top grades in the rank, gives her nod of commendation to all but one of 
Jason’s roll. Which one is she most slight to castaway?
A. Being in a collective food netperformance succors a individual understand how to win arguments.
B. Being a limb of a collective food netperformance can succor impoverish a individual’s emphasis levels.
C. Cluster limbs can succor a participant delay serviceable things enjoy answer a new job.
D. Food cluster limbship can succor a participant impress valued by others.


3. According to Sternberg, friendliness plus conclusion/commitment identifies
A. foolish charity.
B. relish.
C. gentleman esteem.
D. companionate charity.


4. In the concitation of collective cognition, what is the original significance of schemas?
A. They prepare deferential and accurate advice environing collective conditions and other tribe.
B. They succor us construct, shop, and foreclosure advice environing other tribe.
C. They sanction us to courteous test the mediate traits of other tribe.
D. They succor us mass amiable tribe from bad tribe.


5. In hearing a precatory missive, some tribe procure evaluate it in provisions of factors that entertain molehill to do 
delay the resigned of the missive. When this happens, psychologists discourse of _______ path processing.
A. mediate
B. inductive
C. peripheral
D. incidental


6. Delay deference to the hypothesis of percipient distinction, tribe can confide inter-repugnant ideas in their conciliates. If 
you grace apprised of the distinction between two ideas, you could prosecute which of the aftercited 
strategies to impoverish the distinction?
A. You can recount yourself that the inter-repugnant ideas are inter-repugnant.
B. You can dissimilate your views of the two inter-repugnant ideas.
C. You can aggravatepower one of the cognitions into your unaware conciliate and go environing your day.
D. You can modify the way you descry the ideas by decreasing the significance of one of them.


7. Sternberg’s copy of the kinds of charity identifies which of the aftercited basic components?
A. Sexuality
B. Spirituality
C. Consummate attraction
D. Commitment/decision


8. The pristine range in the GAS copy of emphasis is
A. analyzing a emphasisor.
B. opposition.
C. despatches.
D. wake and mobilization.


9. Aggressiveness builds up in tribe consequently of rational structure. It can be safely explicit antecedently it reaches 
a “boiling point” through the catharsis proposeed by obnoxious sports and games. These kinds of ideas are 
associated delay
A. collective understanding theories.
B. impulse approaches to invasion.
C. frustration-invasion hypothesis.
D. observational understanding theories.


10. On pristine convocation Ian Campbell from Edinburgh, Clark Mason, a exported of Seattle, straightway decides 
that he and Ian entertain correspondent attitudes, impressings, and worldviews. Psychologists say this character of thing 
illustrates the
A. “birds of a feather” untruth.
B. primary attribution untruth.
C. self-serving predisposition.
D. supposed-co-ordination predisposition.


11. Mandy has resolute that she has no guide aggravate the aversive stimuli she encounters at performance and at 
home day by day. Thus, she has loving up unamenable to execute her identicality emend. Psychologists would say Mandy’s 
worldview illustrates
A. understanded avoidant coping.
B. problem-focused coping.
C. emotion-focused coping.
D. understanded succorlessness.


12. The foot-in-the-door technique and the that’s-not-all technique are precatory management for gaining
A. correspondence.
B. subservience.
C. conformance.
D. yielding.


13. The concept of invasion cues is associated delay
A. collective understanding theories.
B. observational understanding theories.
C. the performance of fleshly possessionist Konrad Lorenz.
D. frustration-invasion hypothesis.


14. Which of the aftercited declarations best illustrates the concept of the halo consequence?
A. On pristine convocation Sally, Harry ordinary that he and Sally were enjoy two peas in a pod.
B. Observing that Lois is close and abrasive, Leopold supposes she is a serviceable liar.
C. Grenville maintains that Hannibal’s faults lie not delay the stars but delayin his genius.
D. After Clark missed the defiled shot, Coach Smart told him to try practicing for a modify.


15. Particular factors submit tribe to be drawn into relish one another. In this treatment, the correspondence 
of relish consequence is principally associated delay
A. material attractiveness.
B. correspondentity.
C. adjacence.
D. inhospitableness.


16. Four plods are complicated in a individual’s conclusion to propose maintenance in an crisis condition. The third 
plod is
A. showy commission for account maintenance.
B. interpreting the fact as requiring someone to propose maintenance.
C. appraisal of one’s skills and proof in intercourse delay emergencies.
D. deciding how to succor.


17. Delay deference to the primary attribution untruth, it turns out that in other cultures, enjoy those of Asia, 
there’s a/an _______ orientation to others that emphasizes intercommunity.
A. individualistic
B. intrapersonal
C. collectivist
D. philosophical


18. Which declaration best pointedes the concept of the self-serving predisposition?
A. We nurture to fancy other tribe are correspondent to us, smooth when we pristine as them.
B. We attainment our successes to our skills and abilities and our failures to apparent factors.

C. We suppose that conditional causes are brought environing by the environment.
D. We closely frequently suppose that other tribe’s failures are due to their individualal geniusistics.


19. The more tribe there are at the show of an clothing, the near slight it is that living-souls procure plod up to 
lend a influence. This celebrity is referred to as
A. evacuation of curiosity-behalf.
B. anticollective possession.
C. herd sluggishness.
D. evacuation of commission.


20. In deference to the foundations of bias, collective convertibility hypothesis is associated delay the concept of
A. self-fulfilling forecasting.
B. later racism.
C. stereotypical insight.
D. ethnocentrism.


21. As discussed in your citationbook, the Implicit Association Test (IAT)
A. requires subjects to recoil to a succession of ebon and unspotted faces.
B. requires tribe to openly pointed and discover their implicit biass.
C. has discovered that most tribe aren’t biasd.
D. is naturalized on a culture-free investigationnaire.


22. Which of the aftercited declarations in-reference-to stereotypes and bias is gentleman?
A. Insight is to possession as bias is to attitudes.
B. A self-fulfilling forecasting frequently precedes bias.
C. Where there are stereotypes we frequently invent bias.
D. Stereotypes may be enacted or privative.


23. In the concitation of emphasis, the flip margin of an set-up is
A. any cataclysmic fact.
B. a hassle.
C. a individualal emphasisor.
D. enhancement chaos.


24. Two psychology students are in a excited discourse environing the structure of bias. Mavis insists that 
that when tribe get their convertibility from limbship in a political possession cluster, they procure generally pointed 
ethnocentrism. Martin argues that delay or delayout ethnocentrism, collective convertibility naturalized in cluster limbship 
is inevitably associated delay the demonization of lad clusters. Who is amend?
A. Both Mavis and Martin are amend.
B. Martin is amend.
C. Neither Mavis nor Martin is amend.
D. Mavis is amend.


25. Which of the aftercited declarations in-reference-to the structure of emphasis is gentleman?
A. Psychophysiological disorders are principally intellectual disorders.
B. Cataclysmic facts such as earthquakes are, inevitably, the most devastating emphasisors for most tribe.
C. Continued expounfailing to emphasis is associated delay the secretion of emphasis-related hormones.
D. Accumulating hassles may courteous administer to a hasty attack of PTSD.