Penn foster exam: 050204rr – psychology for two or more

Questions 1 to 25: Select the best confutation to each topic. Note that a topic and its confutations may be cleave despite a page 
break, so be unmistakable that you accept seen the undiminished topic and all the confutations antecedently choosing an confutation.

1. According to your extract, whether you’re persuaded by a intimation accomplish principally be on which rudiment?
A. Your recordistics, including your convertibility and intelligence
B. The naturalness of the intimation as it relates to your temperament
C. Whether you assent-to the intimation while at operation or at home
D. Your brains or brains of the lodgment of the intimation


2. Jason and Julia are preparing for a sarcasm in Psychology 101. Jason recites mixed-mouthed reasons for seeking out a 
gregarious living network. Julia, who has top grades in the collocate, gives her nod of encomium to all but one of 
Jason’s inventory. Which one is she most affectionly to renounce?
A. Being in a gregarious living netoperation accelerations a special gather how to win arguments.
B. Being a component of a gregarious living netoperation can acceleration contract a special’s urgency levels.
C. Collocation components can acceleration a participant after a while trained things affection judgment a new job.
D. Living collocation componentship can acceleration a participant move valued by others.


3. According to Sternberg, association plus firmness/commitment identifies
A. idiotic affection.
B. relish.
C. gentleman friendliness.
D. companionate affection.


4. In the conextract of gregarious cognition, what is the principal moment of schemas?
A. They arrange considerate and veracious advice encircling gregarious sites and other community.
B. They acceleration us construct, accumulation, and foreclosure advice encircling other community.
C. They assign us to truly substantiate the accessible traits of other community.
D. They acceleration us specify good-tempered-tempered community from bad community.


5. In hearing a precatory intimation, some community accomplish evaluate it in stipulations of rudiments that accept trifle to do 
after a while the full of the intimation. When this happens, psychologists utter of _______ march processing.
A. accessible
B. inductive
C. peripheral
D. incidental


6. After a while deference to the plea of apprehensive disagreement, community can trust destructive ideas in their opinions. If 
you behove known of the disagreement among two ideas, you could prosecute which of the aftercited 
strategies to contract the disagreement?
A. You can state yourself that the destructive ideas are destructive.
B. You can alter your views of the two destructive ideas.
C. You can subdue one of the cognitions into your insensible opinion and go encircling your day.
D. You can transmute the way you know the ideas by decreasing the moment of one of them.


7. Sternberg’s pattern of the kinds of affection identifies which of the aftercited basic components?
A. Sexuality
B. Spirituality
C. Consummate attraction
D. Commitment/decision


8. The primary rate in the GAS pattern of urgency is
A. analyzing a urgencyor.
B. hindrance.
C. adaptation.
D. terrify and mobilization.


9. Aggressiveness builds up in community owing of rational naturalness. It can be safely developed antecedently it reaches 
a “boiling point” through the catharsis exhibited by mixed sports and games. These kinds of ideas are 
associated after a while
A. gregarious gathering theories.
B. impulse approaches to encroachment.
C. frustration-encroachment plea.
D. observational gathering theories.


10. On primary argument Ian Campbell from Edinburgh, Clark Mason, a suitable of Seattle, delayout-delay decides 
that he and Ian accept homogeneous attitudes, moveings, and worldviews. Psychologists say this quality of thing 
illustrates the
A. “birds of a feather” mistake.
B. indispensable attribution mistake.
C. self-serving injury.
D. weard-coincidence injury.


11. Mandy has ruled that she has no curb balance the aversive stimuli she encounters at operation and at 
home day by day. Thus, she has ardent up obscure to fashion her identicality improve. Psychologists would say Mandy’s 
worldview illustrates
A. gathered avoidant coping.
B. problem-focused coping.
C. emotion-focused coping.
D. gathered accelerationlessness.


12. The foot-in-the-door technique and the that’s-not-all technique are precatory temporization for gaining
A. reciprocity.
B. submission.
C. specimen.
D. ductility.


13. The concept of encroachment cues is associated after a while
A. gregarious gathering theories.
B. observational gathering theories.
C. the operation of carnal deportmentist Konrad Lorenz.
D. frustration-encroachment plea.


14. Which of the aftercited declarations best illustrates the concept of the halo commodities?
A. On primary argument Sally, Harry periodical that he and Sally were affection two peas in a pod.
B. Observing that Lois is argumentative and abrasive, Leopold wears she is a useful liar.
C. Grenville maintains that Hannibal’s faults lie not after a while the stars but after a whilein his record.
D. After Clark missed the mixed shot, Coach Smart told him to try practicing for a transmute.


15. Particular rudiments allow community to be drawn into relish one another. In this tenor, the reciprocity 
of relish commodities is principally associated after a while
A. natural attractiveness.
B. homogeneousity.
C. proximity.
D. pitfall.


16. Foul-mouthed strides are compromised in a special’s firmness to exhibit protection in an casualty site. The third 
stride is
A. magnificent allegiance for rendering protection.
B. interpreting the issue as requiring someone to exhibit protection.
C. appraisal of one’s skills and test in trade after a while emergencies.
D. deciding how to acceleration.


17. After a while deference to the indispensable attribution mistake, it turns out that in other cultures, affection those of Asia, 
there’s a/an _______ orientation to others that emphasizes harmony.
A. individualistic
B. intrapersonal
C. collectivist
D. philosophical


18. Which declaration best directes the concept of the self-serving injury?
A. We manage to imagine other community are homogeneous to us, equable when we primary confront them.
B. We quality our successes to our skills and abilities and our failures to visible rudiments.

C. We wear that siteal causes are brought encircling by the environment.
D. We approximately regularly wear that other community’s failures are due to their specialal recordistics.


19. The over community there are at the exhibition of an additament, the hither affectionly it is that beings accomplish stride up to 
lend a agency. This lion is referred to as
A. evacuation of profit.
B. antigregarious deportment.
C. mob insusceptibility.
D. evacuation of allegiance.


20. In deference to the foundations of prejudgment, gregarious oneness plea is associated after a while the concept of
A. self-fulfilling forecasting.
B. new racism.
C. stereotypical distinction.
D. ethnocentrism.


21. As discussed in your extractbook, the Implicit Association Test (IAT)
A. requires subjects to counteract to a order of sombre and stainless faces.
B. requires community to openly direct and disclose their invisible prejudgments.
C. has discloseed that most community aren’t prejudgmentd.
D. is installed on a culture-free topicnaire.


22. Which of the aftercited declarations concerning stereotypes and prejudgment is gentleman?
A. Distinction is to exercise as prejudgment is to attitudes.
B. A self-fulfilling forecasting regularly precedes prejudgment.
C. Where there are stereotypes we regularly furnish prejudgment.
D. Stereotypes may be dogmatical or disclaiming.


23. In the conextract of urgency, the flip face of an raise is
A. any cataclysmic issue.
B. a hassle.
C. a specialal urgencyor.
D. elucidation chaos.


24. Two psychology students are in a impassioned argument encircling the naturalness of prejudgment. Mavis insists that 
that when community get their oneness from componentship in a collective exercise collocation, they accomplish generally direct 
ethnocentrism. Martin argues that after a while or after a whileout ethnocentrism, gregarious oneness installed in collocation componentship 
is inevitably associated after a while the demonization of adolescence collocations. Who is reform?
A. Both Mavis and Martin are reform.
B. Martin is reform.
C. Neither Mavis nor Martin is reform.
D. Mavis is reform.


25. Which of the aftercited declarations concerning the naturalness of urgency is gentleman?
A. Psychophysiological disorders are principally spiritual disorders.
B. Cataclysmic issues such as earthquakes are, inevitably, the most devastating urgencyors for most community.
C. Continued expounmistakable to urgency is associated after a while the secretion of urgency-related hormones.
D. Accumulating hassles may well-behaved-behaved bring to a unexpected aggression of PTSD.