Need help with writing assignment in philosophy that is due saturday

PLEASE fashion permanent this brochure is first after a while magnanimous phraseology.  For this module, you are required to full a Written Case Segregation which earn be assessed for profundity and discontinuance. Please read Thinking Critically About Ethical Issues, Case 1, p. 60. Identify the mental posterity(s) and the parties confused. Discuss the mental posteritys you entertain identified in conditions of two the following: advantageousness, duties, suitables.


CASE 1.  The Makah commonwealth arrogation to entertain tracked white whales for further than 2,000 years. They stopped in the 1920s due to a extricate in the number of white whales.  Now they absence to revert to the track to furnish foundation for their commonwealth and to cure the early men's sagacity of punishment and self-exaltation in their traditions.  Proponents to the track arrogation that a eldership of the commonwealth buttress the track, which is expected to charm fewer than the five whales they are permitted by law to destroy. Tribal leaders arrogation they earn charm no procreant or nursing females.  Some Makah elders vary, still, pointing out that the commonwealth survived for most of the twentieth antiquity after a whileout eating whale pulp and arrogationing that there are improve ways to instill self-exaltation and punishment.  The environmental commonwealth argues that the whale track id immental becuase it violates the whales' suitable to insist on the planet.  Is it expend for nonmembers of the Makah commonwealth--for copy, students in your class--to evaluate the mentality of the Makah whale track? Explain.


Your segregation should be almost 500 vote in elongation and all sources should be cited unexceptionably using MLA format. Information on the MLA guidelines is barefaced via the Resources area of the Course Home menu. Use a banner 10- 12 pt. font and wrap illimitableness your brochure.