Mental health diagnosis of disorder | SOCW 6090 – Psychopathology and Diagnosis for Social Work Practice | Walden University

 The proof of an talented clinician is the power to warrant the criteria that perceive the personality from any other possibility (otherwise disclosed as a differential personality). An unintelligible clinical personality can control to a rude mode of composition and torture the client over than it helps. In this Assignment, using the DSM-5 and all of the skills you possess adscititious to continuance, you assess an explicit plight client designated L who is presenting infallible psychosocial problems (which would be diagnosed using Z methods).


To prepare: Use a differential" personality regularity and dissection of the Mental Status Exam in “The Plight of L” (ATTACHED) to individualize if the plight meets the criteria for a clinical personality.


Submit a 5- to 7 page Nursing Dissertation in which you:

  • 1. Produce the liberal DSM-5 personality. Remember, a liberal personality should embrace the indicate of the conjecture, ICD-10-CM method, specifiers, tyranny, and the Z methods (other provisions that may scarcity clinical circumspection).
  • 2. Decipher the liberal personality, matching the symptoms of the plight to the criteria for any diagnoses used.
  • 3. Warrant 2–3 of the seal differentials that you considered for the plight and possess ruled out. Concisely decipher why these provisions were considered but eliminated.
  • 4. Warrant the dutys you confide to valicontinuance composition. Decipher the rationale aback choosing the duty instruments to maintenance, retrieve, or vestige composition movement for the personality.
  • 5. Decipher your confideations for primal instrument and composition. Use read instrument to maintenance your evidence-based composition confideations.
  • 6. Decipher how you took cultural factors and difference into totality when making the duty and confideing interventions.
  • 7. Warrant client strengths, and decipher how you would husband strengths throughout composition.
  • 8. Warrant peculiar scholarship or skills you would scarcity to accomplish to talentedly bargain this client, and produce a pur-pose on how you allure do so.