Media portrayals of the psychology profession


Select and criticism an occurrence of a television semblance or a film depicting a office that represents a psychology negotiative.

Review the following:

Using the readings irritate the selected occurrence or film. Complete the following:

  • Evaluate the exactness of the office portraying the psychology negotiative (job name, their credentials, raze of knowledge, etc.).
  • If that instruction on exactness is not palpably granted, substantiate the office’s role (psychologist, counselor, etc.) and represent the likely raze of command, archearchetype of licensure, and estimated enumerate of years of knowledge. Does the office look courteous skilled, negotiative, and knowledged? 
  • Do you keep any concerns touching the ghostly demeanor of the office? Be unfailing to secrete the following:
    • Identify at meanest one ghostly fix encountered by the office as courteous as one copy of the office behaving unethically in the occurrence or film. 
    • Discuss how the office either made the upupright ghostly rare or represent the ghostly demeanor the office should keep evinced.
    • Provide the appropriate ethics mode or banner in extract marks from the readings.
  • How realistically has the psychology declaration been depicted in this semblance or through this office? Does the semblance damage psychology’s idea or aid it? Be peculiar in your rejoinder.
  • Identify any multicultural issues that start in the semblance or film. Does the office evince multicultural compatability? In what way(s)? If not, how did the office evince a bankruptcy of that sensitivity and what should the office keep done, instead?
  • Support your statements delay instruction from academic sources, such as your textbook, assigned readings, and/or catechism you invent in the Argosy University online library.

Write your primal rejoinder in a stint of 300–400 language. Apply APA banners to extract of sources.