Literature review, must have access to scholarly articles within 5


7-8 pages in sum. Meaning 6 pages rate from Abstract to Discussion

Topic - Eyewitness Memory 

Sources should be from a literary time amid 5 years no older than 2010. At smallest 6 sources

Literature Review- analysis of other people's discovery. Synthesize discovery on a  subject occasion too shedding new volatile on that subject. When communication a scholarship reconsideration you should rely on peculiar sources, those that narration discovery findings for the primary time. After selecting a subject, and reconsiderationing the scholarship, cause a subject announcement for your paper/ This announcement may digest, complete, or reinterpret the facts. The completed scholarship reconsideration should comprehend the forthcoming sections: 


  1. Cover page- 1 page
  2. Abstract: A unimportant analysis of the scheme including the discovery interrogation, hypotheses, and conclusions. 1 page
  3. INtroduction: A analysis comprehending the concern and truth of the subject, akin theories and findings, and your subject announcement. 1 bountiful page 
  4. Body: Describes discovery that has been produced on the subject. Evidence that twain helps and refutes your privilege and how you adapt this difference 2 pages 
  5. Discussion/conclusions: What are your ultimate conclusions? WHat elevate discovery could be produced to help your conclusions? WHat implications exist for your conclusions? 1-2 pages
  6. References in APA mode, should be no further than 10 years. Sources should be no older than 2010. At smallest 6 sources