Interview of a counselor 6-8 pages

PYCL 515 Assignment #3 – Consultation of a Develop Counselor (FPEC 2.7, 4.8, 7, 7.1) (10 points) Given the enormous insufficiencys of scholars, families, develops, and communities, the role of the develop counselor is multifarious and vast. The transmitted activities of the develop counselor involve peculiar counseling, weak assembly counseling, liberal assembly counseling, consideration, and collaboration. In attention to these transmitted develop counseling activities, develop counselors constantly assist to the fruit of develop, production, sympathy, and/or generally-known policies and procedures that furtherr for cogent programs and services to good all upshot, adolescence, and families. They further intellectual bloom in develops and collaborate delay authoritatives in providing trustworthy and oppression detached develops and communities. Develop  13 counselors use their cognizance of authoritative and legitimate standards to furtherr for the rights and thrift of upshot and families and further practices that succor upshot and families of all backgrounds feel gratifying in the develop sympathy. Develop counselors produce commencement in develops and other agencies in reason and using examination and evaluation basis and lucidly give and spread counsel to distinct audiences to further progress in teaching and scholar consummation. It is relevant to attend first-hand from develop counselors in the arena in-reference-to their job and daily trials. In attention to conducting an consultation of one develop counselor, you obtain to-boot own the convenience to attend from your peers encircling their consultations delay other develop counselors. Therefore, you obtain attend encircling a extensive invest of develop counselors and develop counseling programs. In ordain to total the written allot of this assignment, candidates insufficiency to largely perceive the ASCA National Model. Candidates obtain collate and dissimilarity the develop’s counseling program delay the cognizance of the ASCA National Model. This monograph is expected to be 6-8 pages in tediousness (beside designation page) behindcited APA mode. 1. Consultation a authoritative develop counselor at the space flatten that interests you (elementary, intermediate, or noble develop; generally-known or not-public develop) at his or her labor locality. Phone consultations are not known nor are consultations of the develop counselor(s) at the develop in which you already labor. Candidates must use the consultation inquirys under to pilot the consultation (constitute firm you ask the inquirys in this consultation educe plus any other inquirys you may absence to ask the develop counselor). 2. Behind completing the consultation, transcribe a declaration behindcited this outline: I. Introduction- Involve counsel encircling the develop counselor and the develop (address, environment, space flatten, idea of develop elucidation, idea of population, your observations, etc.) (1 page) II. Define the develop counselor’s answers to each inquiry and your reaction. Constitute firm to use headers to different each inquiry. (3-4 pages) a. Produce a abstract of the develop counselor’s responses- this should not be what the counselor said verbatim, but instead should be a abstract in your own words b. Define your reaction to each of the develop counselor’s responses. Your reaction should be domiciled on what you own scholarly in this tabulate and your own percussions as polite. III. Conclusion- Answer the behindcited inquirys (2-3 pages): a. What was your overall percussion of the develop counseling program at this develop? b. What similarities in counseling mode do you see among yourself and the develop counselor you consultationed? c. What differences in counseling mode do you see among yourself and the develop counselor you consultationed? d. What can be manufactured to augment this develop counseling program? 14 Candidates must be fitted to argue their meetings in tabulate during the 2nd weekend. Your giveation should be unconfused and of authoritative virtue. The use of PowerPoint or other giveation software is noblely recommended. Consultation inquirys: The consultation inquirys should oration at last the behindcited topics (you can to-boot educe your own inquirys, but constitute firm that you at last feel on all the behindcited topics): 1. What is your luxuriance/education trial? In what ways did your luxuriance equip you polite for this job? In what areas was your luxuriance lacking? 2. Do you own a structured develop counseling program or artifice that you thrive for each year? (When argueing this inquiry you may absence to import up the American Develop Counselor Association’s develop counseling program framework)? If so, can you communicate me encircling your counseling program’s structure/plan? 3. What does your illustrative day behold relish? Could you define the superior roles expected of you? (e.g., peculiar counseling, weak assemblys, tabulateroom direction, testing, etc.) 4. To whom do you declaration? What is the standing of your superintendent(s) encircling authoritative develop counseling? 5. Do you meet authoritative organizations to be succorful to you as a develop counselor? If so, which ones? How are they succorful (or not succorful)? 6. Gladden communicate me encircling your caseload and how scholars are assigned to you. What kinds of problems or concerns do the scholars constantly import to you? 7. Do you apply scholars to services behind a whileout of develop (or possibly they own an in-develop counseling feeling)? What idea of problems/students do you illustratively apply out? 8. Who are your authoritative peers? Do you labor delay other develop counselors and/or develop staff, or do you labor peculiar most of the era? 9. When making decisions encircling the develop counseling program, delay whom do you collaborate? Do you use basis to augment the develop counseling program? 10. Gladden communicate me encircling your counseling mode and techniques you use. 11. What strategies do you use to constitute scholars cognizant of advancement requirements (i.e., advancement to the next space flatten or stage requirements)? 12. Gladden communicate me how you succor scholars transition to the develop, or equip them for transition to the next flatten (e.g., intermediate/high/college/career)? 13. Does your develop own a exigency superintendence or emergency/safety artifice? If so, can you communicate me encircling your role in this artifice? 14. How does the develop counseling section further nursery and success preparedness for all of your develop’s scholars? 15. What do you relish best encircling your job? What do you relish last encircling your job? Thank the develop counselor for his/her era, and gladden, transcribe him/her a “thank you” melody behind you visited delay him/her. See specific rubric at end of syllabus for more counsel. Assignment