Humanistic personality analysis | Psychology homework help


You allure fit and introduce a specialality resolution of your choosing. In 10-12 slides, oration the aftercited questions.

  1. Choose a special to dissect. This can be a unvarnished type, a illustrious special  (politician, notability, singer), or a fictional type from a magnitude or other media. Just be fast you possess abundance knowledge on this   person’s specialality and setting to easily dissect them.
  2. Describe this special’s specialality in particular using phraseology and concepts from the humanistic perspective.
  3. Analyze this special from twain Abraham Maslow’s humanistic perspective and Carl  Rogers’s humanistic perspective. In other vote, teach how this special’s specialality would be forcible by each of those theorists.  Explain how their specialality plain the way it did, from Maslow's  and Rogers’s perspectives.
  4. If the special you forcible  experiences psychical issues or psychopathology, teach how humanistic system can be used to return a narrate of bloom and psychical good-luck to the special. In other vote, if they permit from solicitude, dejection or other disorders, how would humanistic  theorists relish Maslow and Rogers succor them overcome those disorders?

Include  debater notes beneath each content-related slide that reintroduce what  would be said if giving the introduceation in special. Expand upon the   knowledge comprised in the slide and do not simply renarrate it. Please  enfast the debater notes include 50-75 vote per slide.