For phyllis young: treating the substance abuser and his family


Treating the Meaning Abuser and his Extraction Presentation


Please decipher aggravate very painsfully and if there are any questions delight ask



Harvey is married and has 2 teenage posterity. Harvey has been heavily drinking on a methodic premise for the elapsed 10 years.  In the elapsed his confederate repeatedly prepared for him after a while his job, and usually made excuses for him after a while his posterity and his friends. Harvey has not cultivated his son’s baseball games this year, and he missed his daughter’s enterprise in the ground illustrate due to having been passed out from drinking. At this occasion, he is at facilitate for losing his job due to overmuch absences, and he was of-late arrested for a DUI. Harvey has realized that his drinking is adversely solemn all aspects of his existence and he is deciphery to leave.






Create an 14-16 slide Power Point bestowal to sift-canvass composition cunnings for Harvey and his extraction. Just agree bullet points on slides, use the orator notes in the slide likeness to prefer sift-canvass the topics on each slide in detail. In conjunction mould stable you keep a heading slide and a slide after a while intimations (in APA format). 


 Please intimation at last two peer-reviewed narrative articles in your bestowal, (1, 2)



 the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fifth Edition (DSM-5),( 3)



Based on the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM–5), decipher the  criteria Harvey meets:



Drugs in Perspective: (Textbook)(4)


Richard Fields

Edition / Copyright:

8 / 2013


McGraw-Hill Companies, The




and along after a while 4 other intimations making it a totol of : (5, 6, 7, 8)



8       References in all sustaining the slides and orator notes


 Must agree  In your bestowal:


  1. Evaluate the subjoined methods of composition and lay-open a composition cunning for Harvey: Alcoholics Anonymous, Transactional Analysis, and Extraction Systems Therapy. Please:


  • Provide  an assessment of Harvey’s residence and what he needs from composition.
  • Evaluate and sift-canvass the at last one pro and con of each of the subjoined composition methods: Alcoholics Anonymous, Transactional Analysis and Extraction Systems Therapy. 
  • Develop a composition cunning  for Harvey:
    • Choose at last one of the over compositions for the cunning.
    • Address at last two issues that Harvey needs to contravene in composition.
    • Include at last three steps for Harvey’s replacement.


  1. Explain Brief Strategic Extraction Therapy and when it is used. Next, do the subjoined:


  • Develop a composition cunning for Harvey’s confederate.
    • Address her inequitable needs as the confederate of a meaning affrontr.
    • Include at last three steps for her replacement.
    • Take pains that this cunning is inequitableally addressing her replacement, and not how she can aid Harvey repossess.
  • Develop a composition cunning for Harvey’s posterity: Address their inequitable needs as boyish posterity of a meaning affrontr
    • Include at last three steps for their replacement.
    • Recommend at last two meaning use stoppage strategies aimed at boyish posterity of meaning affrontrs.



Choose one of the subjoined cultivations: Hispanic, African American, or Asian American, and stir how essential a bisect of this cultivation might desire Harvey and his extraction’s composition and replacement.  Decipher at last two issues introduce in treating meaning affront after a whilein that cultivation.




Speaker notes must be constructive and attended by the intimations and cited correctly. Must use intimations to food the achievement completely


Please impede for spelling and grammar errors, and proofdecipher for errors antecedently submitting. Must use United States/English words




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