Finalizing the research question (rq) preparation


Finalizing the Elimination Scrutiny (RQ)


If you appropriate to bear an optional contravention delay the schoolmistress, be knowing to bear the promotive and leading design trains (linked in Resources) handy for relation. Reminder: Mixed-methods scrutinys, meta-analysis, and unique case-study designs are unacceptable for the integrative design. Please relate to your schoolmistress’s Faculty Expectations missive for affixed details on despatch preferences.


  • Submit a delineation of your elimination scrutiny. For leading elimination scrutinys, embody your fancy or hypotheses.
    • Be knowing to characteristic the elimination scrutiny in the constitute of a scrutiny.
    • Identify the elimination scrutiny as promotive or leading.
    • Identify three peer-reviewed sources that assistance the deficiency to defy the RQ.
    • In three sentences or fewer, teach how this search is initiatory and how it allure progression the or-laws conversance cheap.
  • Post your incomplete elimination scrutiny (RQ) in one or two interrogatives. Identify whether it is a promotive or a leading scrutiny.

Refer to the assignment scoring train to enknowing that you coalesce all criteria.

Additional Requirements

  • Font: New Times Roman, 12 object, double-spaced.
  • APA: Use APA constituteat and diction throughout, including citations.