Final project: powerpoint presentation of your professional | DPSY 6002 – Foundations for Graduate Study in Psychology | Walden University


You bear already identified sundry instrument in your network—in this class and delayout the university—and among the roam Walden co-ordination. Foundation is best used when you understand what you neglect; it is grievous to get foundation in structure a ladder if you do not understand what a ladder looks affect.

If you bear an conception of what a ladder looks affect, you can ask for rungs and nails and a hammer. Think of the instrument offered by Walden as the rungs and nails for your ladder, but you are the one who must contrivance the ladder. A PDP allows you to contrivance your ladder and establish which foundations you neglect to institute it.

Remember that you must aid your classmates and colleagues concurrently the way delay their ladders too. Think of what you neglect to produce, as courteous-behaved-behaved as what you achieve neglect to accept, in conditions of foundation and aid.

A PDP expounds how you, individually, came to the judgment to arise your furrow studies, what you envision for yourheadstrong and others when you consummate the measure, and what objectives or steps you neglect to specify in dispose to produce your reverie and beseem your previously envisioned “advenient headstrong.” You achieve allude to your PDP when you neglect to hinder your movement or re-evaluate your goals. It should be motivating and allied to the sidearm of Walden, your sidearm, and the co-ordination of your colleagues. Remember, we are all in this unitedly.

PowerPoint donations achieve be used in sundry of your courses at Walden. This Assignment achieve so collect an opening for you to beseem courteous-acquainted delay, or beseem a past recent user of, PowerPoint as a despatch implement.

NOTE: You are strongly encouraged to succumb this Assignment as a PowerPoint donation, but if you are having awkwardness delay the software, you may succumb it as a Word document delay adequate notes to expound each “slide.” Please affect unconditional to apposition your Instructor if you neglect any foundation delay this Assignment.

To afford for this Project:

Prepare a PowerPoint donation of your PDP using no past than 6–8 slides.

The PDP should solder elements among your restricted Program Tab and must discourse the following:

  1. Where bear you been in your morals indivisiblely and tradeally that has brought you to this purpose?
  2. What is your motivation in choosing this career; why did you elect this trade and effort?
  3. How do your indivisible and tradeal co-ordination content in to the event of your efforts—what foundation mechanisms do you bear in attribute to aid you coalesce your goals?
  4. What are the things you forecast that rule get in the way of your pur-pose, and how achieve you subdue them as courteous-behaved-behaved as aid others subdue theirs?
  5. Share environing your advenient headstrong. Where do you neglect to go tradeally, and how achieve you leverage your Walden knowledge to beseem this idiosyncratic? What is the best teaching you would produce yourheadstrong now from the purpose of good-fortune when you achieve?

Make use of the Notes exception among PowerPoint to collect the specialtys of your donation.

Your donation should be open in its specialty environing what you pur-pose to do at Walden to coalesce your indivisible and tradeal goals.