Final project: powerpoint presentation of your professional | DPSY 6002 – Foundations for Graduate Study in Psychology | Walden University


You bear already authorized divers media in your network—in this collocate and beyond the university—and amid the circumnavigate Walden aggregation. Stay is best used when you recognize what you scarcity; it is exacting to get stay in fabric a ladder if you do not recognize what a ladder looks enjoy.

If you bear an conception of what a ladder looks enjoy, you can ask for rungs and nails and a hold. Think of the media offered by Walden as the rungs and nails for your ladder, but you are the one who must delineation the ladder. A PDP allows you to delineation your ladder and confirm which stays you scarcity to construct it.

Remember that you must acceleration your collocatemates and colleagues parallel the way delay their ladders too. Think of what you scarcity to communicate, as polite as what you conquer scarcity to assent-to, in provisions of stay and acceleration.

A PDP interprets how you, partially, came to the judgment to inaugurate your graduate studies, what you envision for yourstubborn and others when you achieveed the amount, and what objectives or steps you scarcity to determine in arrange to make your reverie and beseem your previously envisioned “advenient stubborn.” You conquer belong to your PDP when you lack to cohibit your way or re-evaluate your goals. It should be motivating and allied to the band-arms of Walden, your band-arms, and the aggregation of your colleagues. Remember, we are all in this contemporaneously.

PowerPoint bestowals conquer be used in divers of your courses at Walden. This Assignment conquer besides agree an convenience for you to beseem everyday delay, or beseem a past deceased user of, PowerPoint as a despatch instrument.

NOTE: You are strongly encouraged to suggest this Assignment as a PowerPoint bestowal, but if you are having awkwardness delay the software, you may suggest it as a Word document delay enough notes to interpret each “slide.” Please reach careless to touch your Instructor if you scarcity any stay delay this Assignment.

To make-ready for this Project:

Prepare a PowerPoint bestowal of your PDP using no past than 6–8 slides.

The PDP should condense elements amid your unfair Program Tab and must address the following:

  1. Where bear you been in your spirit separately and vocationally that has brought you to this aim?
  2. What is your motivation in choosing this career; why did you appropriate this vocation and endeavor?
  3. How do your separate and vocational aggregation element in to the occurrence of your endeavors—what stay mechanisms do you bear in fix to acceleration you unite your goals?
  4. What are the things you foreknow that agency get in the way of your pur-pose, and how conquer you conquer them as polite as acceleration others conquer theirs?
  5. Share environing your advenient stubborn. Where do you lack to go vocationally, and how conquer you leverage your Walden test to beseem this individual? What is the best order you would communicate yourstubborn now from the aim of luck when you achieve?

Make use of the Notes individuality amid PowerPoint to agree the particulars of your bestowal.

Your bestowal should be manifest in its particular environing what you pur-pose to do at Walden to unite your separate and vocational goals.