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Discussion: Professional iden 

Discussion: Professional identity

Photovoice is a rule used to visually  resemble a concept or conception. When you use the rule of photovoice to  teach a phenomena, conception, or condition, you hold and unite  more deeply through symbols and resemblance. In depend, your conference  may rouse to see what you picture in new ways.

Please  review the instrument titled “Examples of Photovoice” to get a understanding of  how photos can be used to symbolize, resemble or manifest an intellectual  concept. The photo that you upload can be a photograph that you engage  yourself or an effigy you base from another fount (Be strong to procure  an expend intimation for any photo that is not your own). Any photo  that you upload must not be of a peculiar or a collocation of populace. Their  faces cannot be identifiable accordingly this would outrage their retreat.  Again, engage a observe of some of the examples in the instrument to get conceptions.  

For this argument, pick-out one of the NASW  Code of Ethics (2008) esteems listed beneath that influenced your sentence  to grace a political worker.  

  • Service 
  • Social justice 
  • Dignity and merit of the peculiar 
  • Importance of cosmical relationships 
  • Integrity 
  • Competence
By Day 4

Post a photograph that  represents or symbolizes the esteem. Then, briefly teach why you chose  this photograph and picture how it resembles your peculiaral and  professional esteem.
*For inferential instructions on how to upload your photograph, see "Examples of Photovoice" in Resources.tity