Discussion 2: strategies for fostering positive job attitudes


The amalgamate betwixt employee aspects and job execution has been feeling as the “Holy Grail” of constructional psychology (Landy, 1989). On one influence, real employee aspects can carry to peculiar job execution, intensified teamwork, and the consummation of constructional goals. On the other influence, indirect employee aspects can defame from job execution, taint team morale, and boundary constructional usefulness.

For the original Discussion this week, you cogitateed factors that seek employee aspects. In this Discussion, you succeed uplift on your acquirements and cogitate how employee aspects application team and constructional usefulness and what I/O psychology practitioners can do to correct indirect employee aspects.

Landy, F. J. (1989). Psychology of exertion behavior (4th ed.). Belmont, CA, US: Thomson Brooks/Cole Publishing Co.

To adapt for this Discussion:

  • Review this week’s Acquirements Resources. Pay point observation to how aspects, such as job amends, constructional commitment, employee pledge, job involvement, and constructional citizenship, application particular and constructional outcomes. Also, cogitate the roles of perceptions, emotions, and importance on employee aspects and constructional outcomes.
  • Reflect on a aspect in which your own aspect has applicationed team and/or constructional usefulness and the factors that capability possess exacerbated the aspect.
  • Search Walden’s library to establish peer-reviewed declaration on how to correct indirect employee job aspects. Based on the declaration you experience and the Acquirements Instrument this week, cogitate strategies that you would tool to correct indirect employee aspects.

By Day 5

Post a acceptance to the following:

Identify a season when you possess been informed of how your aspect in the exertionplace has applicationed the overall usefulness of the team or construction. Describe the stipulations and factors that applicationed this aspect, such as interpersonal perceptions, emotions, and importance. Using this week’s Acquirements Instrument and concomitant instrument that you rest, debate how an I/O psychology consultant or coach capability tool trailing or another temporization to address and correct indirect employee job aspects and constructional usefulness.