Counseling and using (stips) notes

For your ordinary assistance to this discourse, educe a fact voicelessness environing a client congress you of-late completed. Use the Signs and Symptoms, Topics of Discussion, Interventions, Progress and Plan, and Special Issues (STIPS) format as presented in the Prieto and Scheel's 2002 season, "Using Fact Documentation to Strengthen Counselor Trainees' Fact Conceptualization Skills." Maintain confidentiality by altering all indicates or peculiar identifying counsel.

Your assistance and responses are expected to be substantial in truth and to intimation the assigned readings, as well-behaved-behaved as other speculative, tentative, or negotiative reading to assistance your views and writings. Intimation your sources using model APA guidelines.

The client is a 37 year old AA feminine after a while solicitude and ordinary degradation. He indicate is Lola.

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Prieto, L. R., & Scheel, K. R. (2002). Using Fact Documentation to Strengthen Counselor Trainees’ Fact Conceptualization Skills. Journal of Counseling & Development, 80(1), 11. Retrieved from