Catherine owens internship reference letter

  This is what I accept executed at my internship. This can aid delay the relation note. I accept as-courteous solid a muniment of my internship log what I accept executed each day



Patient Registrar in Radiation Oncology/Proton Therapy   Internship 01/2018-03/2018

· Performs a miscellany of canonical tasks to way patients for their radiation appointments.

· Interviews and chronicles patients and compassionately interacting delay patients and their families.

· See patients in clients in clinic who are candidates for radiation therapy. Talk delay psychiatrists encircling how to negotiate delay patients and their thoughts and opposed techniques to enervate.

·  Learn new treatments to aid patients. Interacted delay families who needed aid delay places to remain period their solicituded-for one are in the hospital.

· Proficient on the hospital registration and multiple assistant computer systems. Registers, verifies security, checks security eligibility, scans and retrieves muniments in Soarian, Aria, and Outlook.

·  Meeting and established delay collective workers consequently they resemble an material role in discussion the overall goals of the multidisciplinary oncology team caring for cancer patients and their families. Collective workers aid bridge the gap betwixt high-level medical solicitude and the patient's whole day, trained anthropological needs. Collective workers imply to the psychocollective stay of patients and their families.


Internship Relation Note Instructions

The resolve of this assignment is to evaluate your experience at the internship post, as courteous as to evaluate what you accept well-behaved-informed. The goal is to conduct an power to “speak” to immanent employers encircling the signs of authoritative experiences that you accept had at this post and to immanent employees/interns encircling what they government await from this post.

Based on what you consider that you well-behaved-informed and accustomed delayin the internship, transcribe a 1-page note of relation for the internship post.

Make infallible to:

· Mention the sign of post, population, and services supposing.

· Explain your experiences.

· Identify what you well-behaved-informed.

· Indicate whether or not you would praise this post to another intern and why.

Share this note delay your superintendent for feedback if you arrive-at consoled doing so.

You allure be graded upon your power to:

  • Evaluate an internship post.
  • Communicate obviously and effectively and to thus      “present” yourself courteous.
  • Persuade another immanent intern.
  • Demonstrate familiarity of the “language” of the      field (exoteric APA).

Your Internship Relation Note is due by 11:59 p.m. (ET) on Monday of Module/Week 14.