Case study: the hexadecimal company


Throughout this manner you conquer adequate a sequence of Event Infer Applications that conquer permit you to dedicate your culture at a deeper, over ample smooth. The events conquer communicate you the occasion to manner the skills of an OD practitioner. You conquer be presented delay realistic scenarios that OD practitioners regularly test in their achievement. This week, your event infer is the Hexadecimal Company (attached). As you interpret through the event, infer the postulates, constructional objectives, policies, strategies, problems, unresolved issues, and roles of the key participants. Also, infer the ticklish competencies you, as an constructional substitute practitioner, strength dedicate to this event, as polite as any holy issues that strength start delayin the construction.

To prepare:

  • Read “The Hexadecimal Company” event infer located in Chapter 6 of the manner passage.
  • Analyze the event using “The Hexadecimal Company Event Analysis Form” located at the end of the event infer.

To adequate:

Submit a 3 page pamphlet that addresses the following:

  • Identify the construction’s objectives and policies.
  • Describe the construction’s problems and unresolved issues.
  • Describe any holy issues faced by this construction.
  • Explain what steps the construction should use to correct.
  • Identify the ticklish competencies that an OD practitioner would insufficiency in adjust to acceleration this construction effectively correct. 
  • Describe your delineation of enjoyment if you were the OD practitioner in this aspect.

Note: Include the adequated “The Hexadecimal Event Analysis Form” delay your pamphlet (Attached)