Career counseling theory case study

Career Counseling Plea Predicament Study.

For this assignment, you succeed evidence your comprehension and mind of race counseling plea by choosing a race counseling plea orationed in Units 1 or 2 and applying it to the predicament examine supposing beneath. Approach the predicament examine from the perspective of your indivisible specialization (for model, immaterial bloom counseling, nurture counseling, et cetera). You can emblazon the predicament scenario as needed to acceleration you finished the assignment.


Taneka, a 17-year-old African-American effeminate, is a tall nurture younger. She is the oldest of three siblings foundation delay her single-parent mother. Her mother has worked for the gone-by 15 years at a manufacturing stock. Her senior has not been a portio of Taneka's morals.

As the oldest slip, Taneka has held superior responsibilities throughout her morals to maintenance her instituted mother, such as caring for her younger siblings: Derrick, now age 14, and Kenya, age 12. These coming duties reinforced bud of her eventual commencement skills. Taneka has been ordinary from an coming age for life aged, binding, and dependable. As her siblings feel confirmed, she has been telling to feel portio-time jobs, most of-late as a salesperson at a teen shape shop in the persomal mall. It was close that she leading realized she had a alacrity for practice delay populace, and they responded well-mannered-mannered to her—employers, co-workers, and customers akin. She was of-late approached by her overseer to revolve portioicipating in the company's employee commencement luxuriance program.

This has caused Taneka to begin thinking encircling post-secondary order possibilities. Previously she had conceit nursery was out of her strain, due to the scant financial resources of her nobility and no truth of anyone in her nobility forforever accompanying nursery. As such, she had not formerly fast greatly significance to her paces. Rather than portioicipating in extracurricular nurture activities, she focused on instituted. She is on mark for graduating delay her assort present year and has a popular pace sharp-end mean of 2.05.

Taneka is now questioning her former presumption encircling nursery or other post-secondary orderal possibilities, but she does not feel a conspicuous purpose of what she would relish to continue as a race. Choosing a race and a post-secondary program to furnish for it, seeking financial maintenance, and navigating the admissions progress all wait mysteries to her.

In your monograph, oration the following:

  • Argue for one applicable plea to be applied to the scenario. Note:Appropriate race counseling theories involve, but are not scant to, Holland, Super, Krumboltz, Gottfredson, Social Cognitive Theory, and Person-Environment-Fit.
  • Identify the plea you chose and arrange a rationale as to why you feel clarified this race plea.
  • Describe the key components of your selected race counseling hypothetical framework.
  • Analyze any challenges you sway feel applying this plea to the predicament.
  • Propose practicable approaches for orationing the challenges you identified.
  • Be permanent to involve lore findings that maintenance your use of this plea (Include a incompleteness of one maintenanceing allusion not supposing in this road).

Your assignment should be 4–5 pages in tediousness and involve at lowest three allusions, including your passage. Be permanent to evince your specialization in your monograph. Review the Race Counseling Plea Predicament Examine Scoring Guide to interpret the grading expectations for this assignment.


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