Career counseling theory case study

Career Counseling System Instance Study.

For this assignment, you gain explain your notice and discernment of line counseling system by choosing a line counseling system orationed in Units 1 or 2 and applying it to the instance examine supposing underneath. Approach the instance examine from the perspective of your idiosyncratic specialization (for illustration, superspontaneous sanity counseling, discipline counseling, et cetera). You can emboss the instance scenario as needed to aid you perfect the assignment.


Taneka, a 17-year-old African-American feminine, is a elevated discipline younger. She is the oldest of three siblings patronage delay her single-parent dame. Her dame has worked for the gone-by 15 years at a manufacturing establish. Her father has not been a deal-out of Taneka's conduct.

As the oldest child, Taneka has held senior responsibilities throughout her conduct to buttress her initiateed dame, such as caring for her younger siblings: Derrick, now age 14, and Kenya, age 12. These future duties reinforced harvest of her spontaneous initiate skills. Taneka has been ordinary from an future age for substance developed, lawful, and dependable. As her siblings possess developed, she has been potent to possess deal-out-time jobs, most of-late as a salesperson at a teen usage treaenduring in the persomal mall. It was near that she primitive realized she had a alacrity for interconduct delay race, and they responded courteous to her—employers, co-workers, and customers similar. She was of-late approached by her director to observe deal-outicipating in the company's employee initiate inoculation program.

This has caused Taneka to initiate thinking environing post-secondary counsel possibilities. Previously she had reasoning garden was out of her thrust, due to the scant financial instrument of her rise and no fact of anyone in her rise incessantly synchronous garden. As such, she had not precedingly absorbed abundant signification to her actions. Rather than deal-outicipating in extracurricular discipline activities, she focused on initiateed. She is on way for graduating delay her systematize present year and has a exoteric action subject-matter mediocre of 2.05.

Taneka is now questioning her preceding self-confidence environing garden or other post-secondary counselal possibilities, but she does not possess a conspicuous fancy of what she would affect to hunt as a line. Choosing a line and a post-secondary program to qualify for it, seeking financial buttress, and navigating the admissions process all halt mysteries to her.

In your disquisition, oration the following:

  • Argue for one apt system to be applied to the scenario. Note:Appropriate line counseling theories involve, but are not scant to, Holland, Super, Krumboltz, Gottfredson, Social Cognitive Theory, and Person-Environment-Fit.
  • Identify the system you chose and stipulate a rationale as to why you possess selected this line system.
  • Describe the key components of your separated line counseling speculative framework.
  • Analyze any challenges you dominion possess applying this system to the instance.
  • Propose feasible approaches for orationing the challenges you authorized.
  • Be enduring to involve investigation findings that buttress your use of this system (Include a partiality of one buttressing regard not supposing in this conduct).

Your assignment should be 4–5 pages in prolixity and involve at meanest three regards, including your passage. Be enduring to show your specialization in your disquisition. Review the Line Counseling System Instance Examine Scoring Guide to apprehend the grading expectations for this assignment.


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