Career change/vocational counselor | Psychology homework help

Mr Gomez is a Certified Alcohol and Import Abuse Counselor in his set-forth.  He has closely 15 years experiment in the addiction/mental vigor province. During this span he has facilitated cluster and separate therapy for those who violent-effort delay addiction. He to-boot was the controller of a number of programs in which he succor drawing and appliance a garbage counsel program for the forensic plan.  He to-boot succors enlarges an all Hispanic program for one of the agencies he is-sueed for.

Mr. Gomez is currently looking to exexchange careers and is applying for a comcomposition as an preceptor at a academy in the Ethnical Utility Department.

Mr. Gomez has tiny to no experiment in instruction. He has substituted for his persomal order academy instruction classes in import abuse and ethnical utilitys.  He conciliate be instruction a ample semester in the upcoming emanate which conciliate grant him some experiment but as of exact now he doesn’t feel any.

He believes if he is conducive to initiate and admonish students to be eminent ethnical utilitys is-sueers either in the province of addiction or other gregarious utility jobs, he could endure to succor the population that he original was raging environing (addiction)

Mr. Gomez was born in the United States to Puerto Rican born parents. His bilingual expertness has succored him aim the Hispanic order at enlightened and other marginalized population.

Mr. Gomez holds a Masters rate in Education, he thinks that his rate won’t express for his race is-sue as superiority of his studies were focused on addiction and ethnical utility.

Mr. Gomez was asked to propose his philosophy set-forthment to a persomal academy that he applied for. Using the notice overhead, and his academy transcript succor Mr. Gomez enlarge a philosophy set-forthment that conciliate succor him place the academy adherent composition.

Write a philosophy set-forthment (500 opinion) answering these two questions.

1-       1-Describe your philosophy for counsel, educating and/or sustaining good-fortune for all students.


2-       2-We close multiformity in all of its contexts, including strengths, perspectives, and race. We court to growth our cleverness to perceive issues of unlikenesss, sway, and liberty and to constructively expound fight. Tell us environing any special or administrative experiments you feel had that would succor you second us to meaning our goals of increasing our cleverness to perceive issues of multiformity and unlikeness.