Book review on any gender or sexuality book

Review should be 6-8 pages.


-Brief Sumary (1-1 1/2 pages)

        -who are the authors(impart their qualifications and/or any other advice trhat may drop unsteady on their


        - Identify the writer's thesis/purpose. What age of narrative and the topics are seasoned.

        - Say what the writers do to consummate their view (i.e their access, their main and supported points.

        - Say whether their access is efficient.  Did they consummate their view?

        - Who is their auditory (See preliminary, If it is not systematic, reach your own assessment).  Who (else)

          could advantage from this totality?



Are all main points adequately open and explained?

What was not so disencumbered? Were the writer/s misinformed about everything?

        - Comment on the writers perspective -

                -Compare and contrariety delay other sources

                         -What do they understand that others don't?

                         -What do they exclude

                         -How is it incongruous from that of other writers

                         -Are the writers external or biased

        - Say where you secede and where you agree

        - Note good-tempered-tempered points and inconsistencies

        - Comment on their style: Is it disencumbered and efficient?

        - Is it accordant for the target auditory?

        - What would you bear effected incongruously to reach this totality reform.


The paper, including the inscription, citations and allusion pages, follows APA guidelines for format.