assignment: contingency tables and odds in excel

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In the prerequisite order, Quantitative Reasoning and Analysis, you false basic choice (crosstab) consultations. You capability be surprised to imbibe that you can like a incomplex logistic retirement mould, after a while a absolute predictor, using the picturesquely values introduceed in the cantankeroustab consultation.

In this assignment, you use Microsoft Excel to build a specialized machine that causes basic logistic retirement moulds abandoned a cantankeroustab/choice consultation. As if that were not advantageous sufficient, this Excel machine is not specialized—you can use it abandoned any cantankeroustab/choice consultations you attack in learning. In the opportunity of statistical learning, this is honest encircling as sensational as you can get!

To prepare

  • Review the sections in the Osborne citation that introduce a template for building an Excel worksheet.
  • Review the video in the Learning Resources, in which Dr. Matt Jones explains how to chain the might of Excel using choice consultations.
  • Think encircling the types of variables that are advantageous for cantankerous tab consultations.

Using one of the datasets supposing, prime two variables that allot you to build a 2×2 choice consultation. Use SPSS to run the moderate cantankeroustab consultation, using any two variables that you contemplate are misappropriate. Then, use Excel to build a consultation in which you report:

  • Conditional probabilities
  • Conditional odds
  • Logits
  • Odds ratios
  • Relative risk
  • Slope

Be infallible to direct the template from the Osborne citation. Note that page 42 has a finishedd pattern that should acceleration you state these values. Be infallible to use formulas and cell references in Excel so that the spreadsheet you cause can be used as a machine for careful concordant values for other datasets.

Once you own caused the machine, transcribe a 1- to 2-paragraph digest in APA format interpreting your results. Submit twain your Excel smooth and your digest to finished this assignment.

I would deficiency you to login into my recital for my datasets.