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Assignment 3 (Week 6)

 Baby Boomers in Intermediate Adulthood

The largest limb of the U.S. population, the “baby boomers,” are tender into intermediate adulthood and, in some cases, uniform befitting grandparents. The advertising and marketing industries consider this age cohort, and it has been increasing in show in primetime television, print ads, and in digital advertising, pop-ups, and internet petition.


Find at smallest 4 images or video clips of advertising or other prevailing instrument that elucidate this top.  Use a caption for each concern of instrument to distinct-up the advertisements think the restricted tangible and cognitive changes in bud referred to in this Chapter 15.  Your captions should concatenate for a aggregate of no fewer than 500 vote.


Use at smallest 2 instrument (other than the images or clips) to prop the claims you are making.  Cite these using APA formatting. 




Possible tops

Student tops

Your supposing at smallest 4 images or clips delay captions.



Your captions concatenated were at smallest 500 vote desire.



You demonstrated a distinct sense of the issues facing intermediate adults.



You proped your product delay at smallest 2 references, cited in APA formatting



Your product was permitted of spelling and language errors.