Assignment 2: lasa—case study application paper


Assignment 2: LASA—Case Study Application Paper

Case Scenario

Katarina is a first-generation Korean American. She claims to be an atheist raised by impious parents. She is peaceful very arrest to her parents and has an older tally, Young, who has frequently been protective of her. She has a master's limit in command and is a professor at an inner-city exalted train. She is a 26-year-old lesbian, though not currently in a intercommunity, in deal-out consequently she does not perceive what dominion fall after a while her fruit if she were to after out. She is to-boot disturbed after a while the reaction of her rise as she is the singly daughter.

Though Katarina loves training, she struggles to concatenate after a while some of the inner-city boy who entertain very opposed esteems from her own, specially those kindred to command. She is frequently frustrated by how ample date she spends trying to motivate her students to pay regard and mould well-behaved-balanced minimal trial on their assignments. She to-boot confesses that she does not impress respected and wonders if it is consequently of her conduct as well-behaved-behaved as consequently she is soft-spoken and frequently shorter than her students. She admits that she would never be so unaccommodating to any of her professors and does not apprehend why boy in America do not esteem command past. Katarina has sentiment environing quitting the job but is anxious that she achieve import abash on her rise if she honorable quits.

Katarina has austere to you for acceleration after a while these issues consequently she veritably does not perceive where else to go.

Description of LASA:

For this LASA, you achieve use the event scenario of Katarina and direct what you entertain conversant in this conduct and your program so far. As her counselor, you achieve use your textbook, the subscription assigned in the conduct, and joined lore to transcribe a 6- to 10-page Nursing Dissertation in APA format, harangueing the aftercited areas:

  • Identify at meanest two things you entertain in niggardly after a while Katarina which achieve acceleration to amplify some rapport.
  • Identify at meanest three possible differences between you and Katarina and recount how you achieve harangue those in your counseling after a while her.
  • Analyze where you price Katarina to be in her personality amplifyment on at meanest two opposed personality amplifyment models and how you achieve encounter her where she is in her amplifyment. Fulfill what joined assessments you dominion use or how you dominion infer joined notice to fabricate a evident apprehending of her worldview.
  • Outline how you achieve counsellor for Katarina and further her to counsellor for herself.
  • Evaluate whom you achieve demand to enclose in your fruit after a while Katarina and how they achieve be enclosed. Also, fulfill at meanest two association media that you would approve for Katarina.
  • Finally, harangue any possible ghostly concerns kindred to fruiting after a while Katarina and what actions you dominion follow to console them.

Your ultimate fruit achieve be a 6- to 7-page (still heading page and allusion roll) Microsoft Word muniment written in APA format. Utilize at meanest five scholarly sources.