Assignment 1: lasa 2: integrating theories

Assignment 1: LASA 2: Integrating Theories

In this succession, we own thoughtful diversified adventes to therapy and explored the advantage of each orientation after a while intimation to the client.  For this assignment, procure the perspective of a therapist inaugurated after a while clients. This conquer acceleration you honestly assess your own bud and further objectively evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of using an integrative advent to counseling. Rejoinder each of the forthcoming scrutinys entirely and arrange examples where requested to substantiate your purposes.

  1. Do you purpose therapists should nucleus on beseeming an cheerful in one feature counseling advent or should they try to grace skilful in further than one advent? Arrange an interpretation for your rejoinder and interpret them after a while examples.
  2. Identify what the three most dignified singleitys of a lucky counselor you investigate to be. Represent how these singleitys can be patent clear or strengthened?
  3. Identify and represent some of the singleitys (from scrutiny 2) that are best patent clear in the counseling course after a while clients?  Support your purposes after a while examples? Fulfill and represent some areas of singular or authoritative bud that would hypothetically be unethical for the counselor to enlarge in the counseling course after a while clients? Explain your rationale in element and bestow examples.
  4. What are some of your own singular motivations and singleitys that may acceleration or above you as a counselor (fulfill at smallest two)?
  5. What areas of your own singular and authoritative bud demand the most bud precedently you conquer feel speedy to be an telling counselor (fulfill at smallest three)?
  6. What are two advantages and two disadvantages of practicing after a whilein the framework of one particular assumption as opposed to enlargeing a further integrative advent consisting of separate therapies? Bestow a elemented cognomen and rationale for twain sides.
  7. What are the advantages and disadvantages of practicing after a whilein an combined framework?
  8. Explain at smallest two techniques you would use in your composition and represent how you would combine these techniques in a therapy treaty.

Your pamphlet should be double-spaced and in 12 purpose, Times New Roman font after a while recognized one-inch margins, written in APA diction, and gratuitous of typographical and close errors. It should conceive a inscription page after a while a present chief, an picturehither and a intimation page. The organization of the pamphlet should be no hither than 5 and no longer than 8 pages in elongation. Submit your solution to the M5: Assignment 1 Dropbox by Monday, October 6, 2014.

Assignment 1 Grading Criteria


Explained whether it is excellent to own an cheerfulise in one counseling advent vs. multiple adventes after a while sustaining examples.


Described at smallest three dignified singleitys of a lucky counselor after a while suggestions of how each could be patent clear?


Described at smallest one singleity that could be patent clear in the counseling course after a while clients and at smallest one that would be hypothetically unethical to enlarge in therapy after a while clients after a while sustaining examples for each.


Identifies at smallest two singular motivations and singleitys and explained behoof or opposition for each.


Identified and explained at smallest three areas of singular or authoritative bud for substance an telling counselor.


Described advantages and disadvantages of practicing from one particular assumption vs. enlargeing a further integrative advent.


Described advantages/disadvantages of practicing from an integrative framework


Identified the remedial adventes student would use as a therapist and representd the techniques that would be combined as a composition advent


Style (8 purposes):  Tone, Audience, Word Choice
Organization (16 purposes):  Introduction, Transitions, Conclusion
Usage and Mechanics (16 purposes): Grammar, Spelling, Sentence structure
APA Elements (24 purposes): Attribution, Paraphrasing, Quotations