Assignment 1: discussion question: effective techniques

Assignment 1: Discourse Question: Potent Techniques

By Week 3, Day 3 corcorrespond to the discourse topic presented. Submit your retort to the appropriate Discussion Area. Use the selfsame Discussion Area to illustrate on two of your classmates' submissions and endure the discourse untilWeek 3, Day 7.


    ArrowUse the  Respond combine to shaft retorts and materials that pertain to this assignment. Use the  Respond combine adown any bulky shaftings to corcorcorrespond to them.

Assignment 1: Discourse Question

Locate on the internet a video of an colloquy. You may appropriate a intelligence colloquy or any other colloquy you can dispose.

Your job is to critique the colloquy, and confirm at smallest three instances of the use of colloquy techniques (paraphrase, abstract, allay, thought, or definition). In your discourse shaft, collect quotes of what the colloquyer and colloquyee said (or did not say in the fact of allay) that present each colloquy technique. Be stable to confirm the technique for which you are providing each pattern.

After you confirm the colloquy techniques (you may use the selfselfsame technique or unanalogous ones) after a while your three patterns, besides collect an partition of the competency of each technique. That is, was the technique potent? How did the colloquyee corcorcorrespond to the technique?

Be stable to collect a combine to the video curtail you are analyzing so that your classmates may besides inspection the curtail. Please be stable you adduce all the sources you used in the assignment.

In your retort shafts to your classmates, inspection the curtails that your classmates own disposed. Do you admit after a while the techniques that your classmates own signed? Your classmates’ partition of the issue of the technique? Please illustrate why you admit or do not admit.