Approach to counseling psychotherapy | Psychology homework help

Read Ch. 15 and total an idiosyncratic integrative article discourseing your peculiar hypothetical orientation to counseling. 4 pages minium 

  • Key concepts of your approach
  • View of your role as a counselor
  • Therapeutic goals and how you would career upon goals
  • Relationship manifestations you are mitigated to consider
  • Central techniques you are mitigated to employ
  • How you would discourse manifestations of cultural diversity
  • Address aim manifestations as draftd in the textbook

This article should attack to unite as divers concepts and techniques domiciled upon two or more of the counseling models. My prompting is to receive a primitive scheme – one that comes closest to your beliefs – as your scheme of excellent and then shoot out exhibitioning how you would inhale techniques from uncertain other hypothetical approaches. Be indisputable to aimize WHY you prime a aim scheme as your main scheme. Exhibition how you could fetch in proposals and techniques from the uncertain theories you enjoy thought-out into your own integrative hypothetical pattern.  

1. Quality Despatches Skills & Format Requirements (2.5 Points)

  • Make indisputable your article reflects university-level despatches skills:
    • Write in Standard English
    • Use total decrees
    • Develop your provisions
    • Check your spelling
    • Put unitedly a article that reflects quality
    • Ask someone to proofread your article
  • Page requirements include:
    • 1 Designation Page
    • 1 Conceptional Page
    • 3-5 Content Pages (Literature Review and Discussion)
    • 1 Reference Page
  • Paper must be in APA produceat:
    • Papers must be double-spaced and in 12-aim Times New Roman font.
    • Margins must be 1-inch on all sides and extra spacing betwixt provisions is not
    • The primeval decree of entire provision must be inconspicuous ½ an inch.
    • Include a page header at the top of entire page.
    • In-Text citations of references.

2. Subject Development (2.5 Points)

  • Look for a accessible subject for your article. I intimate that you effect an draft, and control to see that each aim in your draft pertains to your accessible missive.
  • Create a designation for your article that conveys your basic proposal.
  • State your missive perspicuously and tersely in your inauguration provision.
  • Have a just and impactful ultimate provision.
  • The subject should be manifest, terse, and aim rather than global and publicized. Do not transcribe in a public and conceptional kind, or else your article get endanger a manifest centre.
  • Develop your thoughts largely, concretely, and logically rather than unbound or being ill-defined.
  • In conditions of produce and structure, your article should progress well-behaved-mannered, and your aims should narrate to one another. The reader should not enjoy to violent-effort to apprehend your purposed import.
  • Give reasons for your views rather than making unsupported aimizements. When you receive a seat, collect reasons for your seat.
  • Cover a few manifestations or proposals well-behaved-mannered-mannered and in profundity, rather than spreading yourself too lean.

3. Creativity (5 Points)

  • The use of peculiar examples is encouraged when expend to buttress your aims.
  • Write a article that reflects your uniqueness and proposals rather than just giving a epitome of the embodied in the textbook.
  • Do not effect your articles unmixed summaries, rather centre on a manifest seat that you receive on a aim inquiry or manifestation.
  • Approach the embodied in an peculiar way.
  • Focus on a aim manifestation or subject-matter that you confront peculiarly indicative. Since you enjoy a excellent in what complexion to centre on, prime an complexion of a example that get recognize you to direct your beliefs.
  • Show profundity in expanding on your thoughts.

4. Integration and Collision (5 Points)

  • Your articles should emphasize an integration of perspectives and an collision of scheme to performance.
  • Demonstrate that you perceive the embodied or the manifestations compromised through an integration and organization of theories, obsequious apprehending of hypothetical concepts, momentous evaluation of theories, and force to exercise proposals to useful seats.
  • If you are despatches a scheme essay, centre on those aim complexions of the scheme that you'd most love to fuse into your own title of counseling. Stress the implications for counseling performance. Rather than despatches just environing a hypothetical manifestation, exhibition how this manifestation has import in a counseling seat.
  • Apply your proposals to aim populations after a while whom you anticipate to toil – twain in counseling and non-counseling seats. You may deficiency to exercise your essays to instruction, toiling after a while older adults, toiling in corrections, toiling after a while adolescents, etc. Effect these a peculiar and importful test.
  • In despatches environing a contingency, be indisputable to exhibition that you can exercise uncertain approaches or perspectives to this contingency. Toil after a while the contingency by attacking to combine a calculate of perspectives