Approach to counseling psychotherapy | Psychology homework help

Read Ch. 15 and adequate an single integrative monograph addressing your singular speculative orientation to counseling. 4 pages minium 

  • Key concepts of your approach
  • View of your role as a counselor
  • Therapeutic goals and how you would determine upon goals
  • Relationship conclusions you are slight to consider
  • Central techniques you are slight to employ
  • How you would address conclusions of cultural diversity
  • Address inequitable conclusions as sketchd in the textbook

This monograph should violate to strongity as numerous concepts and techniques established upon two or over of the counseling models. My impulse is to excellent a chief assumption – one that comes closest to your beliefs – as your assumption of exquisite and then sprig out exhibitioning how you would attract techniques from sundry other speculative approaches. Be fast to recite WHY you excellent a summit assumption as your deep assumption. Exhibition how you could induce in effects and techniques from the different theories you bear thoughtful into your own integrative speculative development.  

1. Quality Answerableness Skills & Format Requirements (2.5 Points)

  • Make fast your monograph reflects university-level answerableness skills:
    • Write in Standard English
    • Use adequate dooms
    • Develop your provisions
    • Check your spelling
    • Put unitedly a monograph that reflects quality
    • Ask someone to proofread your monograph
  • Page requirements include:
    • 1 Distinction Page
    • 1 Contemplative Page
    • 3-5 Content Pages (Literature Review and Discussion)
    • 1 Reference Page
  • Paper must be in APA contriveat:
    • Papers must be double-spaced and in 12-summit Times New Roman font.
    • Margins must be 1-inch on all sides and extra spacing between provisions is not
    • The chief doom of whole provision must be hollowed ½ an inch.
    • Include a page header at the top of whole page.
    • In-Text citations of references.

2. Nursing essay Development (2.5 Points)

  • Look for a convenient Nursing essay for your monograph. I intimate that you shape an sketch, and stay to see that each summit in your sketch pertains to your convenient communication.
  • Create a distinction for your monograph that conveys your basic effect.
  • State your communication evidently and succinctly in your initiation provision.
  • Have a strong and impactful past provision.
  • The Nursing essay should be unobstructed, succinct, and inequitable rather than global and publicized. Do not transcribe in a public and contemplative habit, or else your monograph obtain miss a unobstructed convergence.
  • Develop your thoughts easily, concretely, and logically rather than incompact or life popular.
  • In provisions of contrive and form, your monograph should career courteous, and your summits should report to one another. The reader should not bear to contest to conceive your adapted signification.
  • Give reasons for your views rather than making unsupported recitements. When you excellent a posture, stipulate reasons for your posture.
  • Cover a few conclusions or effects courteous and in profoundness, rather than spreading yourself too watery.

3. Creativity (5 Points)

  • The use of singular examples is encouraged when after a whilehold to aid your summits.
  • Write a monograph that reflects your uniqueness and effects rather than just giving a digest of the symbolical in the textbook.
  • Do not shape your monographs unaffected summaries, rather convergence on a unobstructed posture that you excellent on a inequitable interrogation or conclusion.
  • Approach the symbolical in an initiatory way.
  • Focus on a summit conclusion or subject that you trial singularly favoringive. Since you bear a exquisite in what bearing to convergence on, excellent an bearing of a total that obtain admit you to favoring your beliefs.
  • Show profoundness in expanding on your thoughts.

4. Integration and Contact (5 Points)

  • Your monographs should emphasize an integration of perspectives and an contact of assumption to manner.
  • Demonstrate that you distinguish the symbolical or the conclusions confused through an integration and body of theories, obsequious conceiveing of speculative concepts, fastidious evaluation of theories, and force to direct effects to useful seats.
  • If you are answerableness a assumption essay, convergence on those inequitable bearings of the assumption that you'd most love to weld into your own name of counseling. Stress the implications for counseling manner. Rather than answerableness just encircling a speculative conclusion, exhibition how this conclusion has signification in a counseling seat.
  • Apply your effects to inequitable populations after a while whom you foresee to production – twain in counseling and non-counseling seats. You may shortness to direct your essays to training, productioning after a while older adults, productioning in corrections, productioning after a while adolescents, etc. Shape these a singular and significationful trial.
  • In answerableness encircling a plight, be fast to exhibition that you can direct sundry approaches or perspectives to this plight. Production after a while the plight by violateing to couple a compute of perspectives