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Assignment 2: LASA # 1: Literary-works Retrospect Paper

The end of this assignment is to collect you delay the convenience to picked a subject in the detail area in which you keep an occupational or elimination share, and to adequate a literary-works retrospect of the subject, using a stint of ten knowing connections. This conquer avow you to unfold leadership of the program outcomes for the B.A. psychology program at Argosy University. A beneficial Web residence for organizing and communication a literary-works retrospect

You may to-boot insufficiency to retrospect the forthcoming instruments that are suited in the Doc Sharing area of the course:

  • A scantling literary-works retrospect,
  • a PowerPoint instrument illustrating how to set up your message processor for APA diction
  • a “Guide for Communication a Literary-works Review”

Based on your retrospect of the most new-fangled, pertinent elimination opinions on your chosen subject, resign a last account of your literary-works retrospect tract, integrating feedback popular from your tutor. Be indisputable to enclose a elimination/focal subject, assemblage of the literary-works you retrospected, well-established conclusions, and summits of evidence and/or advenient elimination. 

  • Begin the retrospect by defining the concrete of the tract. Introduce the reader to your focal subject. What is this subject contrived to harangue? You may set-forth your “question” in the imagine of a completion if you affect. Depict the subject for your literary-works retrospect and why you chose this subject. Explain why you fancy it is expressive. It is to-boot profitable to count the reader how the retrospect is arranged in your commencement individuality, precedently you the transition into the assemblage of the retrospect. 
  • Organize your literary-works retrospect tract by interrogations/theories/concepts, rather than condition by condition. If there is one greater interrogation you insufficiency to proudlight, set-forth the interrogation. If there are three greater interrogations or streams of meditation on the subject, little call them—and then arrange the equalize of your literary-works retrospect environing those three streams. Fancy of interrogations, theories, concepts, continuitys of meditation, and ideas as organizing strategies for your literary-works retrospect. Your creativity in this assignment is not the gratified or opinions but the clarity delay which you arrange the retrospect and imagine a composition for familiarity the focal subject.
  • When you are performed introducing the original continuity of meditation, imagine a new provision to debate studies which exhibit another continuity of meditation or across judgment.
  • Your literary-works retrospect should hit the proud summits of each condition. You should not debate a only condition, one by one, affect a grocery inventory. Zero in on the deep interrogation or opinion and then advance on to the proximate interrogation. Remember, this is a assemblage, an integration of all the things you keep knowing. You are creating a evidence on tract, which in hinge gives the reader a composition for familiarity where the erudition has been, where it is popularly, and where it affectly conquer be address proximate. Collect sufficient details to acceleration the reader learn the reason of the studies you adduce delayout “rebuilding Rome.” Be indisputable to evaluate the studies and volunteer crucial comments on any shortcomings you’ve observed or that keep been reputed by the authors.
  • Discuss the deep opinions and their implications. Given the results of your literary-works retrospect, what is/are the influential evidence(s)? What elimination subject could you ask in command to advance lay-open this area of con-over and subscribe to the bulky assemblage of familiarity? Adequate your retrospect by cunning conclusions environing your assemblage of elimination and identifying gaps in the elimination which tranquil sojourn to be explored, possibly well-balanced by you! Make an evidence as to why your elimination subject is expressive and pertinent to the popular effect nature performed on your subject.


Apply popular APA standards for editorial diction, indication of ideas, and imagineatting of the quotation, addresss, citations, and connections. Remember to use your own messages to depict and evaluate the conditions. Avoid quoting the embodied and to-boot adduce effects when you are debateing someone else’s ideas. Your tract should be double-spaced and in 12 summit, Times New Roman font delay ordinary one-inch margins, written in APA diction, and detached of typographical and grammatical errors. It should enclose a name page delay a floating crown, an conceptional and a connection page. The assemblage of the tract should be no short than 5–6 pages in extension.

Submit your retrospect tract to the M3: Assignment 2 Dropbox by Wednesday, March 11, 2015.

Assignment 2 Grading Criteria

Maximum Points

Description of the focal subject or completion is disencumbered and powerful.

Explanation of the connection of the subject to the room of psychology is disencumbered.


Analysis of interrogations, theories, or concepts is disencumbered and adequate.

Discussion of conditions disencumberedly relates to those interrogations, theories, or concepts (instead of debateing each condition individually).


Choice of conditions is after a whilehold, twain in nature and quantity: they straightly harangue the question.

Their evaluation is established on their connection to interrogations, theories, or concepts.

Evaluation encloses evidence of the methodology, and a evidence of any plain shortcomings.


Provides well-supported conclusions.

Suggestions for advenient elimination are after a whilehold and debate how advenient elimination conquer subscribe to the room.


Introduction has a disencumbered beginning, collects setting notification, and set-forths the subject.

The tract is arranged environing an arguable, disencumberedly set-forthd question set-forthment.

Transitions are after a whilehold and acceleration the issue of ideas.

Conclusion summarizes deep evidence and has a disencumbered ending.


Writing follows conventions of spelling and grammar throughout.  Errors are thin and do not clash delay readability or conception.


Using APA imagineat, correspondently paraphrased, quoted, and adduced in sundry spots throughout when after a whilehold or denominated for. Errors exhibit are slightly inferior.


Writing sojourns in third individual throughout communication.

Word excellent is deferential, disencumbered and after a whilehold for the hearers.