8- to 10-slide powerpoint | Psychology homework help

Create an 8- to 10-slide PowerPoint gift discussing your cultural elucidation (in union, you should apprehend a epithet slide and regard slide in your gift). 

When discussing your humanization, weigh components of yourself such as pursuit, ethnicity, holiness, intellectual legacy, gender, sexual orientation, disabilities, socioeconomic standing, traditions, and lineage legacy. You are not required to apprehend any notice you do not move consoled sharing.  

Include the aftercited in your gift: 

1.Communication styles of your humanization (spoken and nonverbal) 

2.Parts of your humanization you are elated of 

3.Parts of your humanization that you would approve to improve 

4.Stereotypes inside your humanization 

5.Stereotypes held amid your humanization 

6.How your humanization perceives matter use. Are there any oral uses of matters that are reported culturally delicious? 

7.How your humanization perceives monitioning 

8.How your cultural elucidation conciliate rule your force to monition someone from your humanization and someone from another humanization 

9.Speaker notes that portray what would be said if giving the gift in idiosyncratic  

APA format is required for any notice not originated by the student. Apprehend at smallest two well-informed regards in your gift.