8- to 10-slide powerpoint | Psychology homework help

Create an 8- to 10-slide PowerPoint donation discussing your cultural enhancement (in attention, you should embody a heading slide and regard slide in your donation). 

When discussing your refinement, investigate components of yourself such as course, ethnicity, piety, intellectual entailment, gender, sexual orientation, disabilities, socioeconomic foundation, traditions, and parentage entailment. You are not required to embody any warning you do not move cozy sharing.  

Include the aftercited in your donation: 

1.Communication styles of your refinement (vocal and nonverbal) 

2.Parts of your refinement you are vain-glorious of 

3.Parts of your refinement that you would relish to improve 

4.Stereotypes internal your refinement 

5.Stereotypes held amid your refinement 

6.How your refinement perceives body use. Are there any unwritten uses of bodys that are deemed culturally gratifying? 

7.How your refinement perceives warninging 

8.How your cultural enhancement obtain swing your force to warning someone from your refinement and someone from another refinement 

9.Speaker notes that illustrate what would be said if giving the donation in peculiar  

APA format is required for any warning not originated by the scholar. Embody at smallest two knowing regards in your donation.