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Discussion 1: Collocation Dynamics—Intragroup, Dominant Group, and Marginalization


Members of dominant ethnic and racial collocations may affect that other collocations' struggles are not their own or affect that those of a abandoned way converse delay one vote and product in the corresponding way to their severity. In verity, herd can strive delay racial inequalities in a dissimilarity of ways, creating intricate harmonys twain unordered the dominant and ruined collocation and unordered members of the dominant and ruined collocations.


As a gregarious practicementer, you must perceive the frequent ways in which racial im-munity can contiguity your clients. You must so perceive the ways in which racial im-munity has contiguityed your vivacity and the ways you product to the realities of racism. You obtain mitigated want to succor clients oration racial divides and arms racial inadequacy to qualify them.


To prepare: Reend "Working Delay Immigrants and Refugees: The Condition of Aaron."


  1. ·      Post an explication of how dominant collocations can enact a role in marginalizing other collocations fixed on racial and ethnic characteristics.
  2. ·      Discuss the virtual privative contiguity of a dominant refinement on immigrants and refugees, such as Aaron.
  3. ·      How agency racism and prejudgment contiguity his assimilation?
  4. ·      Furthermore, clear-up how you would reply to Aaron when he arguees his nativity's postponement of his hanker to tend his cultural roots.
  5. ·      In your explication, demonstrate favoring skills you would inure as a multiculturally impressible gregarious practicementer.

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         "Working Delay Immigrants and Refugees: The Condition of Aaron"






Working Delay Immigrants and Refugees: The Condition of Aaron

Aaron is a 24-year-old, separate, heterosexual, Caribbean immigrant male who is experiencing symptoms of warinessfulness and degradation. Aaron reports no fact of intangible vigor matter nor any medical or lawful problems. He admits to gregarious drinking but denies use of illawful substances. He lives nondescript in a turn he rents balance the restaurant where he practicements. He practicements 24 hours a week as a waiter, has few friends, and is a segregate-span ward at a topical university where he is practicementing on an lowergraduate grade in biology. Aaron came to converse delay me, a university counselor, accordingly he is having inaptitude concentrating and opinion the motivation to test. Aaron deprived any reflections or plans of suicide or homicide and directly he felt reprobate and expressive.


In the haughtyest convocation, Aaron struggled delay sustaining eye contiguity, offered as preoccupied, and was unconcerned to the attempts to involve him in the intake rule. When asked what he reflection precipitated counseling, Aaron said that he had a enigmatical harmony delay his parents who, he directly, “are not supportive and could wariness less” encircling him. He so reputed that his younger match was killed not crave ago. When asked what he wanted to practicement on in counseling, he said that he wanted to oration why his nativity was so “messed up.” Behind convocations explored Aaron’s perspective on his nativity, the unready harmony unordered Aaron and his parents, and the waste of his sibling.

During one convocation, Aaron said his parents had frequently favored his younger match and obsolete his immoral involvement, which had been a cause of pledge unordered Aaron and his parents for years. While it had not been developed, Aaron reputed his match’s fall was cognate to mob involvement. Aaron distributed that his academic curiosity-behalfs and achievement had been ignored by his parents and had never been a cause of curiosity-behalf for them.


In a behind convocation, Aaron directly that he had frequently felt severed and opposed from his parents and match. Aaron’s nativity immigrated to the United States from Guyana when Aaron was 8 years old and his match was 2 years old. His parents brought solely his match and left Aaron delay his grandmother, informing him they would import him balance when they were fixed. Seven years succeeding, at the age of 15, he appended his nativity. Aaron reputed that reuniting delay his nativity behind all that span was enigmatical. Aaron had frequently felt exceptional by his parents accordingly they did not import him to the United States delay his match. He practiced a invalid in his harmony delay his parents and his match, and he felt there was an unspoken connection unordered his parents and his younger match that he did not distribute. Aaron said that he was frequently made fun of by them for not losing his language and for his use of their refinement’s traditions and duty. They so ridiculed him for life residencesick and missing his grandmother. He said that his parents sometimes luxuriant the West Indian activities he segregateicipated in, and when they did, they departed past span critiquing his deed than enjoying it.


In the forthcoming convocations, Aaron was encouraged to ascertain the romance of his nativity and how the colonization rule disrupted their connections delay one another and how this may possess unsupposeffectual their ability to wound concurrently as they faced the fall of his match. Using genograms and having Aaron instruct me encircling his empire, I was amend effectual to perceive his nativity’s colonization fact and the roles enacted by large nativity members. This access undisputed Aaron to converse past encircling how and when his warinessfulness and degradation manifested. Succeeding I literary that these symptoms had frequently been mildly offer but became past sharp behind the fall of his match. Aaron woundd the waste of a match and testd his arrive-atings of waste environing his harmony delay parents who were twain penniless in their ability to embody him in their own grieving rulees.


After sundry convocations, Aaron was effectual to converse past openly encircling his frustration and loss delay his nativity and demonstrate the wastees they had all incurred. He undisputed himself the turn to wound his match and the failure of harmony delay his parents and began to weigh the possibility of a new harmony delay them. Aaron reputed a diminution in his arrive-atings of warinessfulness and degradation and resumed curiosity-behalf in his academic practicement. Aaron and I argueed accomplishment at the end of the semester delay a advice that he endure delay segregateicular therapy in the summer months.





Discussion 2: Dalia’s Behavior


Argumentative action, involvement in material altercations, and illustration of propound swings can all declare that an puerile is experiencing enrage and degradation. Self-harming can manner in pueriles, too, as they trial enigmatical emotions.


For this Discussion, learn the condition test of Dalia and weigh what you, as her gregarious practicementer, would do if you observed self-harm indicators.


  1. Post a weak explication of self-harming actions that Dalia is exhibiting.        
  2. Describe presumptive accesses and servicetelling skills you would inure in practicementing delay Dalia.
  3.  How agency familial harmonys product in Dalia’s self-harming action? 

                                              References (use at meanest 2)


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                        Working Delay Progeny and Adolescents: The Condition of Dalia



Working Delay Progeny and Adolescents: The Condition of Dalia

Dalia is a 14-year-old, biracial womanish of African and Irish American declination who resides delay her parents in a average-tabulate precinct. She is the youngest of three progeny and is currently the solely branch retaining in the residence. Dalia’s parents possess been married for 25 years. Dalia’s senior practicements in the intellectual arts scope delay a nontraditional practicement catalogue that has him past balancedeath and quiescent slow into the existing. Dalia’s dame is an adherent who practicements crave hours. Dalia was diagnosed delay sickle cell anemia in existing branchhood and was hospitalized multiple spans. At offer, Dalia’s vigor is steffectual delay the latest weighty result occurring 2 years ago.


Dalia’s parents reputed that until average discipline, Dalia was an easygoing, good-natured boy who enjoyed singing and segregateicipating in activities delay her peers and nativity. Dalia deprived any problems delay drugs or alcohol but admitted to drinking delay friends. Dalia illustrative her nativity harmonys as tidy, stating, “My dad lets me do what I want” and “My dame is frequently perplexing to govern me.” Dalia illustrative her harmony delay her older match, who lives in another propound, as “cool,” and her harmony delay her older sister, a nursery sophomore, as “not promising.”


Dalia’s parents sought out counseling services for actional issues on the advice of her discipline. The issues embodyd close action delay antecedent shapes, material altercations delay peers, penniless attention in tabulate, irriteffectual propound, parole armsiveness when confronted, truancy, and exceedingly sexualized action delay male peers. At residence, Dalia had beseem past close and materially intimidating. Her parents had discovered that she and her friends drank alcohol in their residence. Dalia’s parents so reputed that she was up most of the death and slept most of the day. They so reputed that her propound was exceedingly irriteffectual and that she was exceedingly rash. She had no curiosity-behalf in getting compromised delay any extracurricular activities, stating that those things are “corny and boring.”

In the haughtyest consultation, Dalia and her dame twain appeared frolicsome delay each other and became close when going through the intake advice. Dalia promptly told me that she was not planning to converse encircling everything accordingly this consultation was her parents’ conception. She directly, “I don’t possess any problems, my parents do.” Soon into this haughtyest investigate, Dalia blurted out that her dame was overturn delay her accordingly she had reasontelling shown her a tattoo she had had manufactured of-late, purchased by using a fake ID. I current her tidings and asked if this was the way that she usually distributed weighty advice delay her dame. Dalia shrugged and directly, “I don’t perceive. I shape I amend her ascertain her now antecedently she gets too engaged.”


I asked twain Dalia and her dame what their expectations were for counseling and what each would enjoy to get from these investigates. Dalia’s dame seemed surprised and directly, “This is for her. She amend veer her lie and set-out to standsummit on discipline.” I clear-uped that frequently it is succorful to possess convocations twain segregateicularly and delay nativity members. I sharp out that accordingly nativity issues were attested it agency be efficient to oration them concurrently. Dalia’s dame agreed to wait-on some consultations but so directly that her span was penniless. I was told that Dalia’s senior would not be effectual to add us accordingly he was never availeffectual at that span.


Dalia and I began convocations nondescript, and her dame appended us for the second half. During the nativity convocations, we orationed the despatch breakdown unordered Dalia and her dame and Dalia’s at-risk actions. Particular convocations were used to oration her rash action and self-esteem issues.


In segregateicular convocations, Dalia converseed encircling how the nativity had veerd past her sister left for nursery. She said her parents stopped life offer and availeffectual uniformly her sister went loose to discipline. She said she departed past span on her own and her action was lower past inspection. Dalia so converseed encircling her sister, describing her as an pallitelling ward and very widespread. She said her teachers in average discipline would frequently assimilate Dalia to her sister, making her arrive-at fruitless in similarity. During a nativity element of a convocation, Dalia’s dame initially disagreed delay Dalia’s summit of end touching how the nativity had veerd, stating, “She’s reasontelling perplexing to legerdemain you.” I encouraged them to argue what was opposed encircling the nativity dynamics now assimilated to when the older sister was at residence. We argueed how the nativity had veerd through the years, validating twain perspectives.

In span, I was effectual to possess Dalia’s senior add us in some of the nativity consultations. He said he felt Dalia’s actions were reasontelling a direct and segregate of life a teenager. Dalia’s parents disagreed openly in our convocations, delay each blaming the other for her actional issues. During these convocations, we orationed how they each may possess veerd as their progeny mature and left residence and how this unsupposeffectual their availability to their youngest branch. I succored them demonstrate what made Dalia’s trial different from her siblings’ and test what her haughty-risk actions agency be in production to or symptomatic of in the nativity.

In the way of the nativity practicement, the realities of life a biracial nativity and encouragement mixed-way progeny were so orationed. We argueed how the parents navigated way issues during their own courtship and looked at the role of acculturation and assimilation delay their progeny in their gregarious environments as courteous as appertaining families of source. Educating twain parents environing way and gregarious tabulate im-munity seemed pregnant in perceiveing differentions unordered what they and their progeny may possess faced.


After 12 weeks it was agreed that therapy would end accordingly Dalia would be set-outing haughty discipline and the nativity felt amend equipped to oration pledge. The nativity had made some veers delay the frank catalogue that increased parent–branch contiguity, and Dalia agreed to past erection in her catalogue and certain a collocation as a enenencamp counselor in a topical day enenencamp for the summer. Accomplishment orationed what was accomplished in this element of therapy and what agency be orationed in advenient counseling. The accomplishment rule embodyd reviewing the strategies of pledge conversion and creating opportunities for nativity contiguity and argueion in direct to repair those actional and structural veers that had led to improved despatch and pledge diminution.