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Discussion 1: Collision of Ageism and Adultism

Adultism refers to the cruelty of existing career by adults. The current saw "children should be seen and not heard" is used as a way to remind a child of his or her establish and reaffirm the adult's dominion in the interdependence. The saw suggests that children's voices are not as great or as operative as an adult's and they should sojourn appease. Children are frequently relegated to secondary positions due to politically fictitious credences encircling what they can or cannot achieve or what they should or should not do; this in mold compromises youth's self-determination. This cruelty is further highlighted when regarding the intersection of age delay career, ethnicity, socioeconomic foundation, and sexual orientation. You succeed be asked to ponder all of these when reviewing the Logan circumstance and Parker circumstance.


Post by Day 3 an dissection of the rule of adultism in the Logan circumstance.  (Logan Parentage (Episode 34) 

Then, elucidate how gender, career, assort, and advantage interact delay adultism to rule the parentage's yarn allied to Eboni's pregnancy as courteous as other parentage dynamics.


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Discussion 2: Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity, and Gender Expression

Think encircling the moment in which you became cognizant of your sexual orientation.  Do you resumption making a cognizant excellent to be gay or nearest? Some like that gender individuality and sexual look is a excellent, or past mitigated, that “career cull to be gay.” The against to that credence is that one does not “choose” his or her sexual orientation; it simply is. This week you ponder how career’s reactions to someone’s gender individuality or sexual orientation collisions his or her environment and knowledge.

When adolescents scrutiny their sexual orientation or gender individuality, they enagainst sundry reactions from beings in their environment. For this Discussion, ponder how career’s reactions to someone’s gender individuality or sexual orientation may collision his or her environment and knowledge.

Answer to the forthcoming scrutinys:

  • How authority possible reactions to an adolescent’s scrutinying of their sexual individuality, or gender role, collision their political environment, action and self-esteem?
  • As political workers, what role can we embody in promising the best outcomes for these adolescents?

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